Who is NORMOFF? No, its not a Dr. Seuss character-Normoff is the combination of our last names (NORMan and kalthOFF) This came about when we were co-teaching a K-1 class in summer school and we realized we couldn't call them Kinderfriends, or 1st graders, or Norman's class....you get the picture. So we combined it and came up with Normoff! We love working together and all things technology, so we decided to start our own  techie teachers entity when we embarked on our blogging adventure!

Sara Norman
After teaching preschool for over 5 years, I transitioned into teaching Kindergarten and I love it! I've worked at 2 different schools within our district, providing me with so many wonderful opportunities to work with incredible staff and students. It was during my first 2 years teaching that I met and started working with Angie Kalthoff.  Her passion for teaching and technology inspired me to integrate technology into my everyday teaching of my little learners. 
I started off slow-not having any technology at my fingertips. I learned to utilize the school resources, borrowing the portable SmartBoard whenever I could (which didn't always work too nicely in Kindergarten). But I knew what a great teaching tool it was, and how important it was to incorporate technology into my student's learning, so I kept at it. Then the next year I continued to incorporate the portable SmartBoard and was able to access the school's shared group of iPods. That is when I really started to see the power and importance of getting technology into the hands of students. 
Utilizing the iPods allowed me to easily tailor student's learning, which worked wonderfully for my new to country and special education students. Every one of my Kinderfriends were able to practice their needed skills in reading and math at their level and with little to no help needed from me. Because we were sharing them throughout the school I was only able to access them once per week. The start of a new school year brought me to a new school and a new drive to integrate technology more into my teaching. I applied for and received a grant for a set of iPods for my classroom and I am currently working on writing grants to obtain a set of iPads. I truly love teaching with technology, seeing first hand the difference it has made in my student's academic scores and how it can increase my teaching impact has me hooked for life! 
For fun I enjoy spending time with my husband, dog and my 1 year old daughter-she loves being outside at our home and the lake cabin so we are always on the go! She has recently discovered our family's iPad, it looks like she'll have a love for all things technology like I do! 

Angie Kalthoff

I began my career teaching in an English Language classroom. My students were new to the country, with little to no English. I had the pleasure of working with them for half of the school day, for one year. While I enjoyed this position, my true passion is in integrating technology into the classroom and engaging students. I found, through workshops I provided at my school, I am able to break down what some think is complicated technology into simple steps for all to follow and implement in their classrooms, must be the kindergarten teacher in me. This led to my next career as the Technology Integrationist for a public school district. I am grateful for great colleagues and administration who have given me the guidance and support to follow my dream.

As the Technology Integrationist I am able to live my dream of helping others incorporate technology into their classrooms on a daily basis. In December of 2012, I was able to visit my Disney Land, the GooglePlex in Mountain View, CA for Google Teacher Academy.  I had goosebumps as we drove into the parking lot, and still get them as I remember my time there, it just felt right.  I am now a Google Certified Teacher. I have presented at nationwide conferences, lead staff development sessions, and lead webinars on technology tools in classrooms.

In my spare time I enjoy crafting, visiting the beach, and traveling. You can always find me with a device, researching the latest ed tech tools. I view myself as a lifelong learner, which could explain why I have my BA in Linguists and EL, MA in teaching and learning, and my latest educational task working on a MA in Information Technologies.