Web 2.0 Resources

Aviary- A variety of tools including an audio editor
Acapela TV- Type in the textbox and create a TV show.
Storyjumper- A place to make children's books
GoAnimate- Make animated cartoons

Stupeflix- Create a movie with pictures,  text, and music

Tumblr- A super simple blogging tool

Xtranormal- Make movies by just typing in a script. 
Wordle- Create word clouds.
Glogster- Online multi-media poster maker.
Animoto- Create a customized video with just a group of images and music. Use code a4e126lab10 when signing up to get a free account.
Blabberize- Create talking images.
Voicethread- Create a presentation with sound.
Voki- Create a speaking avatar.
Big Huge Labs- Create a variety of projects using images.
Dumpr- Take images to the next level.
Sumopaint-create amazing digital art.
Tag Galaxy- Unique photo search.
Speechable- Add speech bubbles to any photo.
Pizap- have fun with images
Wigflip- a variety of tools.   
Mathway- This helps you with a math problem by taking you through the problem step-by-step.
ChartGizmo- Create graphs and charts online.
Yourtake- Use the SCAN Method to investigate current events. 
Free Rice- For every correct answer on this site, 20 grains of rice will be donated to the UN World Food Program.
One Word- You are presented with one word and the user has 60 seconds to write about that word.
Student Tools
Soshiku- online agenda book.
Penzu- online password-protected journal.
Wiggio- a site to help you work on group projects.
Bubblus- online graphic organizer
Capzles- creates multimedia timelines
Our Story- creates online timelines
Bibme- bibliography maker
Knowtes- online flashcard maker and study community
Sites that utilize cell phones
GCast- Create a podcast by recording on a cell phone
Gabcast- Create or upload podcasts.

Places to build free Web sites

Gooogle Sites- Free and easy to use. If you already have Gmail, you already have an account

Wikispaces- Great to use if building a web site with others.

Weebly- Great beginner layouts!