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Am.Ch.BIS'S Sieger's Charlotte Hornets


Am.Ch.BIS'S Sieger's Charlotte Hornets & her daughter Am.Ch.The Talking Eyes As Tears Go Bye

  The Talking Eyes 

is a small hobby kennel showing and breeding since 1986. We've successfully bred and showed both in the USA and Europe. With occasional breeding of only 8 litters, all together, bred and co-bred by us we've produced Champions in the North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Some were BIS, BISS and Group winners. We only breed dogs occasionally when we attempt to produce the new generation and new winners for ourselves. Our dogs are not at public stud and our show puppies are rarely but sometimes available to serious show homes. Our dogs have finished on 4 different continents their Championship titles, have passed working FT ability tests regularily and most currently are in training as drug-narcotic search dogs for police.


When I've moved  to the states in 1994 I started my line by breeding my foundation bitch to Salilyn sires because I loved their flawless type. This genetic line is built on a foundation of dogs developed by Dr. and Mrs. Fred Gasow, of the late Salilyn Kennels. They had produced some of the finest dogs in America. Dogs winning Westminister several times including Ch. Salilyn's Aristocrat, Ch. Salilyn's Condor & Ch Salilyn's 'N'Erins Shameless. I will always be greatful to Kellie Fitzgeralds (their former manager) for all her assistance, help & advices. Currently all our dogs go back to either "Condor", his sibling "Baccardi" or "Recognition". All my homebred dogs go back to this



We were fortunate enough that some of our exports were successful World wide. Our dogs were judged and recognized by judges from North America and Canada, Latin Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Mid East, our appreciation to all of them. Our goal is to breed true Sporting Spaniels with TYPE- BALANCE-BEAUTY and DESIRE. Our last litter in the USA was in 2001 and our last in Europe was whelped Xmas ' 2008.


For more info on The Talking Eyes please check our history page on this website. If you would like to find out more on my previous dog related articles published in the USA google them in on the net please.


Literature for reading on the breed and dogs forming The Talking Eyes line of Springers can be found via most book stores. Author's Ed Roggencaamp and Julia Gasow, "The Complete English Springer Spaniel", Julia Gasow Orange Book " The Complete English Springer Spaniel", Author Maxwell Riddle, and Anna Catherine Nicholas, are recommended before purchase of English Springer Spaniel.


I am a licensed judge for most of Sporting breeds, Croatia. I am a member of English Springer Spaniel F.T.Association(since 1998), English Cocker Spaniel Club of America(since 1999) and Irish Water Spaniel Club of America (since 1999),Croatian K.C and Canadian Kennel Club. I would like to take this time to thank to all my US friends from A-Z for support, trust, faith, and years of friendship during my residence in the USA. It was hard leaving Las Vegas, but I will see you all soon and again! The memories are forever. Those were the days my friends...

I thought would never end.

Love you all.

Boris Pegan

The Talking Eyes is passion not just fashion!



owners: Bob & Lori Nieto (Otein , USA), Boris Pegan (The Talking Eyes Croatia /Canada) and Joan Whittingham (Tanjo, South Africa)


 TALKING EYES (CROATIA,EUROPE): Boris Pegan, borispegan@yahoo.com
Phone+(385) 1-3778609
 TALKING EYES (QUEBEC,CANADA): Pegan & Ivanov, borispegan@yahoo.com
Phone#(514)523 6750