Formal Recruitment: September 11-18, 2011
The Formal Recruitment process allows you to get to know all 3 sororities on campus and find out which one is best for you. You will be put into a group with other interested girls and receive a recruitment counselor to help you through the process. You can go to this person anytime with questions or concerns about recruitment. Each night, every sorority will hold a themed party in their suite. You will visit the sorority suites (between the bergs) and talk to girls along with play games and enjoy refreshments. At the end of the week, your preferences will be matched up with the sororities and you will be welcomed into a sorority!
Informal Recruitment: February 2012
Following Formal Recruitment in the Fall, Chi Omega holds Informal Recruitment during the Spring semester. This is a more relaxed setting in which you can get to know the ladies of Chi-O. The themed parties we hold will reflect the ones at Formal Recruitment only on a smaller scale. We will talk and get to know you more. At the end of Informal, we will extend bids and welcome new girls into our sisterhood.