Parent Information

As a new member, your daughter will learn about the history and traditions of the largest women's fraternal organization in the country.

The purpose of Chi Omega’s New Member Program is to provide a framework that assures new members are welcomed into Chi Omega and educated on the Fraternity’s history, purposes, expectations, and lifetime benefits of membership. This program is the same in all of our chapters across the country. The goals of the New Member Program are:

  • To foster friendships and Sisterhood
  • To have fun and make good memories
  • To learn the history and traditions of the national organization and local chapter
  • To create pride in Chi Omega
  • To learn the expectations of membership and the importance of responsible decision-making
  • To challenge and support the new member’s personal academic success
  • To develop an understanding that I am a Chi Omega and that I will always be a Chi Omega
The goals of the New Member Program guide every new member meeting and event so that at the conclusion of your daughter's experience, she will take pride in her Chi Omega membership and in upholding the high standards of our Fraternity. As she prepares for initiation, she will also realize that Chi Omega is equally enhanced by her membership.
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