Schedule a cleaning

We book appointments by phone. Day or early evening.
Debbie's number is ( 253 ) 297 - 7939
Jeremy's number is ( 206 ) 353 - 4991
Below is the printable worksheet (pdf) that we use when we schedule your cleaning. Do not fill in the credit card information section, we will do that over the phone if needed. Yes we do accept credit cards, valid personal checks and cash if we have to. All checks are payable to Debbie's Home Services. No exceptions
The second page is a priorities worksheet which is useful to leave notes for the cleaning person(s)
Our rate is $30 per hour per person e.g. 2 cleaners X 2 hours = 4 hours
Exceptionally difficult work may be charged at $40 per hour
Deborah Greer,
Mar 3, 2013, 1:58 AM