Getting ready

 Thank You for considering Debbie's Home Services for your cleaning needs. Moving at the speed of clean.

New Clients? What to expect?

We are here to help you. Let us know your needs. It is best if you are there the first time.
We call to confirm the day before. Arrival times can vary a little. We will call if late.
The first time usually takes longer. Every home is different. Usually we can take care of everything
but if time or budget is limited it is sometimes useful to clear the decks for us so we can storm through and clean. If a house has not been cleaned in a while a good first step is to do cobwebs and high dusting as this tends to settle downward onto other surfaces. If you want the bed sheets changed leave fresh ones out as we can't always wait for the laundry to finish. We don't usually do laundry but.... Kitchens and bathrooms take the longest.  If you want the oven cleaned out try to let us know ahead of time, and know that it can take an hour or more. It is a good idea to run the self clean cycle the night before, do not forget to take the racks out first or they will discolor.
Usually we try to catch up over the first few cleanings but if you want everything the first time please
allow for lots of extra time.  If they can't be there many of our clients will leave us a note each week to let us know their priorities. The more personal feedback the cleaning person gets from you, the better we can serve you. We will do our best to send the same cleaner each time.
The link below provides a useful worksheet. The pdf prints nicely.
Deborah Greer,
Jan 23, 2013, 3:26 PM