What is The Sydney Group

The Sydney Group is a social group for those living with or who know someone living with the Herpes Virus. The 'Sydney Group' is a non-profit volunteer group. The website and email is created and maintained by unpaid volunteers.

The Sydney Group meets regularly every month at varying locations around Sydney and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Its meeting people over a bite to eat, a coffee or a drink and having a good time. There is no agenda to the day; it’s a couple of leisurely hours enjoying some good company in a relaxed, yet fun environment which we would all enjoy at any time. You might even meet a buddy that lives close by or even a make a new friend you may want to catch up with sometime. You have nothing to lose yet everything to gain.

Although discussing Herpes is not the primary focus of the gathering , you are more than welcome to ask questions, as we all have had at times. We are not trained counsellors or doctors, however we can speak from personal experience and understand what you are going through. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

We also have other events also whether it’s mid week coffee or a weekend dinner. We encourage a variety of events and activities day or night - picnics, restaurants, café/ brunch, bowling, night clubbing. 

Got an idea? ………. share it.