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A new comedy by Jeremy Kareken

written in collaboration with Lee M. Silver
Sweet, Sweet Motherhood
directed by Michael Bigelow Dixon
with Caroline Cooney* and Michael De Nola
Press Representative: Jim Baldassare
Shelley has plans to improve her GPA, plans that offend God, nature and Professor Henry Stein.
Beginning July 8
Thursday through Saturday at 8:30pm
Sunday Matinees at 3pm

Sweet, Sweet Motherhood was developed by the Guthrie Theater and the Playwrights Center and was the recipient of the Guthrie's 2007 Two Headed Challenge.

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145 Ave. of the Americas
Entrance on Dominick. C,E to Spring. Or 1 to Canal.

"An outrageous, provocative and timely new play, by a fearlessly imaginative and seriously funny new American Playwright."
        -David Auburn, writer of Proof

“De Nola’s and Cooney’s presentation are on target and endearing.”
        -Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

“Cooney gives a solid, affecting performance.”
        -Shoshana Greenberg,

“Michael Bigelow Dixon’s tight direction keeps the 90-minute play moving full-speed ahead while also bringing out the complex relationship between Shelley and Professor Stein.”
        -Shoshana Greenberg,

“…excellent design work from Ray Neufeld (sets), Christopher Brown (lights), and Zoe Woodworth (video).”
        -Clifford Lee Johnson III, Backstage

“Caroline Cooney takes the stage with energy and bold choices.”
        -James Harrison Monaco,

* Actors courtesy of AEA