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Do you have a project that could benefit from a few hours of design, modeling and simple construction documents?  Maybe you have an idea and could use a few conceptual images to gather support?  Or maybe you're working with an architect on a renovation or construction project and want to develop ideas for them to use as inspiration without being fully charged for their time?  

Affordable Rates:  The Sustainability Workshop keeps rates low.  By reducing overhead with free software and operating in a primarily "virtual office", you truly get what you pay for.  

Option to Work Alongside the Designer:  The Sustainability Workshop prefers to create your project electronically with you present so that no time is wasted developing content that does not fit your needs or guess at your intent.  When appropriate, you can sit with the designer to take advantage of the power of SketchUp in "evolving" a design.  This is a true service, since few architects or designers utilize the power of this software to streamline idea development with you in attendance.

Own the Electronic Files and Documents You Paid to Produce:  The use of free design software not only reduces overhead also enables The Sustainability Workshop to pass on to you all developed electronic files.  Download your own free copy of SketchUp and leave each design session with the latest version of your project.  Use the program to open 3D models on your own time and explore/modify the design.  

Ideas Created in 3D From the Start:  Start simply but end wonderfully.  Don't get caught up in the details until the details are necessary.  Spend a few hours with The Sustainability Workshop 

With years of experience in design, construction and innovation, The Sustainability Workshop is the perfect solution to specialty, green building projects in residential and small commercial settings.   

With a high dependency on the free software program Sketchup, the shop is able to deliver professional project planning and visualization while also creating files that enable the actual construction phase to move ahead unimpeded.  By planning and designing in 3D with a free software program, we are able to keep costs low and offer files that are easily shared, studied and manipulated by our clients.