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The Sustainability Workshop funds operations primarily through traditional off-site construction and renovation projects.  As with many professional trades, free consultations and estimates are given.  We perform general construction and site-supervision services with a green focus and years of experience in many various industries.

Because The Sustainability Workshop would like to focus on cost effective use of resources to support the mission of water, food, shelter, energy, and transportation, we tend to prefer outdoor projects which are less restrictive than indoor projects subject to excessive local codes.  We also prefer working within city limits, specifically in close proximity to Ithaca, NY.  

When contracted to perform indoor projects, the Workshop tends to select work involving either basic weatherization work, or work involving special use of space inside buildings for handling and storing water, growing food or generating energy.  Due to years of experience in architecture, design, construction, construction management, weatherization and green building, the Workshop is specially placed to address special projects relating to everything from basic energy management to more complex ideas in sustainability.