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City Beautification Project Schematic

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In early 2010 The Sustainability Workshop began creation of the City Beautification Schematic Project.  It is a general plan designed to help city homeowners in urban settings to build permaculture-, solar- and socially-based projects between homes and streets, or in backyards, in the attempt to retro-fit an ecovillage feel to all existing city environments.

Of primary concern is that no expensive permanent structures be built above any city utility infrastructure that may need to be excavated in the near future.

Of secondary concern is that each installation do the best to prioritize, in this order, the harvesting of water, the growing of food, the provision of shelter (for example stray animals), the harvesting of energy, or the facilitation of transportation on municipal bus routes.

Of third concern is that each structure have appropriate signage to continually display to the public at least a few fundamental principles behind the design, overall.

Of fourth concern is that cost is capped per project to about 5k, including a substantial initial design phase in 3D to explore all details before a single dollar is spent.