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Water.  Food.  Shelter.  Energy.  Transportation.  The essentials for a truly sustainable society.

The Sustainability Workshop

The Sustainability Workshop is operated by Glynn Bebee.  It is the evolution of the small footprint multi-capable shop, with a focus on sustainable practice and re-use of available materials.  It can produce in the shop, or travel to your location.  It hosts weekly project nights open to the public (by reservation).  In all, The Sustainability Workshop is an attempt to rationalize local ability to manage a sustainable lifestyle with all of the global, corporate, greedy and unhealthy aspects of our planet.

The capability of the shop is due to years of experience in engineering, architecture, construction, business management, design and sustainability.  The Sustainability Workshop makes no statement about the projects shown.  It is organic.  While the goals remain the same, it is your project that will move the mission forward and the Workshop closer to creating the model for rebuilding our society through local, grassroots efforts in sustainable design and construction.  

What can the Sustainability Workshop do for you?  Maybe install that kit greenhouse you ordered?  Give you a rain barrel system to be proud of?  Or possibly a large new multi-bin composter is needed?  However, most people really need the Workshop's skills in weatherization.  

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