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Many redirect their own name domains to our site in order to combine our family info for all to enjoy and to trace back to the old Viking days in Norway, where our family began.

There are many notables among our line, including an American Five-Star General.

There is also Pat Summerall, the sports notable, and singer and film actress, Kitty Summerall among us, the wife of former Eagles singer Don Henley, Sharon Summerall Henley, and many accomplished people we will be spotlighting.

Whether you're famous or not, we'd love to hear of your own family, your own accomplishments, and any other details of your lives and of those you're related to.

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The Summeralls were showcased in a long-running play in Norway, since they were an important ruling Viking family, with branches even as far as in Russia, which was explored and named by Viking settlers.

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We'd like to invite anyone who has info on any of the branches of the Summerall Family to contact us.

For Erik Summerall, here is his photo, and some information about him.

He was a wonderful guy. He died young, of melanoma. He was a linguist and a world-traveler. Although he'd been so busy being a language genius, travleing, meeting people from all over the world and learning their languages by simply living among them - loving them - he had not completed any degrees, he has the distinction of having been asked to guest lecture and to conduct courses at major Universities, like at the prestigious U.C.L.A., where he taught some Altaic language courses, and also in the South, at the University of Memphis, where he taught Modern Greek. Also, in Europe, at the University of Paris, in Spain, and in Ukraine, he taught languages to individuals, to classes, and he always donated his time to immigrants in America and elsewhere, offering his services for translating and just to help others manage their lives.

He is missed every day by his sister, with whom he shared an unusually close sibling bond.

He had more friends all over the world than anyone, and was the warmest of people, the handsomest, the coolest, and most accomplished.

Here are some photos of him-