Fall 2009
- The Sul Lab's research was recently featured in an issue of the Berkeley Science Review (Issue 17.)

Fat Mouse, skinny Mouse

Summer 2009
- The Sul Lab's research was featured in an issue of JAX Notes (Issue 514).

Defective Gene Plays Unexpected Role in Fat Metabolism

March 2009 - The Sul Lab's research was recently featured on the front cover of the science journal Cell Metabolism (Vol. 9, Issue 3) in March 2009. Click here for the article.

Professor Hei Sook Sul and PhD Candidate Roger H. F. Wong have co-authored an article published in the highest-impact journal in life science CELL. The paper has been featured on the ABC News on March 20th. Please click here to access the paper in PDF format. In addition, the research findings were published in UC Berkeley Press Release, Daily Californian and the Los Angeles Times.

Graduate student Maryam Ahmadian and former Postdoc Robin Duncan from Professor Hei Sook Sul's lab were featured on the ABC evening news January 12, 2009.
Click here to watch the video.

28 April 2009. Science Update. Carb fat gene.

01 April 2009. Daily Cal.
UC Berkeley researchers find gene in mice responsible for turning carbs into fat.

21 March 2009. LA Times. Lab creates an all-it-can-eat mouse.

19 March 2009. Science Daily.
Mice With Disabled Gene That Helps Turn Carbs Into Fat Stay Lean     Despite Feasting On High-carb Diet.

01 February 2009.
The Journal of Young Investigators.
Inhibiting an enzyme enables mice to stay lean on a high fat diet, without exercise.

20 Jan. 2009. Technology Review. Blocking Enzyme Prevents Obesity.

12 Jan. 2009. Medical News Today.
Switching Off Enzyme Prevents Obesity In Mice.

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