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September 2011:

The theme is Hate and Love (Strange Juxtapositions and Contradictions). This contest is only for single poems to be included in the chapbook. The winning poems will preface each section of the chapbook; the chapbook section authors have already been selected. There will be four winners, so send us your best!

Deadline is October 15, 2011.

The winning poems will earn one copy of the chapbook and $25, to be announced November 7th.

2. Submit poetry via by email:;  you must have the Paypal receipt number and the word "Submission" in the subject line. The fee is $5.00. The paypal account is

3. Include a bio (no more than 100 words), your name, address, phone# and email. An accompanying picture is allowed.

4. COPY and PASTE the poem(s) in the body of the email with translations (if applicable), in Times Roman font size 12 or 14. You may substitute another readable font. Submit no more than five (5) poems; each poem should be no more tha 45 lines single spaced. PLEASE DO NOT SEND AS AN ATTACHMENT! All attachments are deleted. They will not be opened or read.

5. Previous and simultaneous submissions are allowed but please indicate if you own the copyright and where the poem was previously published. If accepted for publication elsewhere, notify us as soon as possible.

6. Must be 18 and older.

7. We will accept poems in other languages BUT an English translation must accompany submission. We also need to know what the original language the poem was composed in.

8. We do not issue refunds.

We have decided to focus primarily on chapbooks; each section of the chapbook will be graced with a poem - basically your poem & bio will be the intro poem. There are four sections, so there will be four winners. The chapbook will be available for sale on Amazon. Our next chapbook contest is scheduled tentatively for January 2012, however, we are NOT open to chapbook submissions until further notice..

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