The Mission?

We invite you to become an agent provocateur thru poetry. Let your voices be heard. Become a subversive human. Poets are welcomed from all countries, as art should ignore geographical limits.

What do we like?

We are interested in all poetic forms from sijo to saabi. From sonnets to odes. Woo us with your outrage. Seduce us with your metaphors. Entice us with your imagery. However, save the trite and cute for greeting cards.

The Subversive Humans?

We are poets, writers and dreamers. Agent Provocateurs. We seek to give voice to the silenced. The disabled. The abused and the misused. The woman behind the man. The poor and the down-trodden. The senior languishing forgotten. The child abandoned in a closet. The disadvantaged. 

We are

the transgendered/disabled/transexual/ gay/ caste-less/ nigger/spick/yid/injun/ chink/crippled/luk kreung/hibakusha/dirt-poor/fat/ugly/self-titled queers...

Join Us

The Raison D'Etre?

Like many of you, we have submitted to contests that charge $10, $15 etc to be entered in their contests. Like many of you writers and poets, money is tight and those fees are unaffordable. Being bright and creative folk, we poets/writers, put our heads together and decided to run our own contests. Our preface poem for chapbooks is a mere $5  for one to five poems and $15  for chapbook submissions. See current contests for more details.