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Welcome! Welcome! I hope you like the website layout and the information contained within.

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Update [12-Mar-2013]

I'm no longer actively playing on all servers. With little new contents, it's becoming boring to play everyday. But, I will continue to maintain this website so please email me the URL of scout reports of your best city and battle records.

New Server [7-Jan-2013]

I have just started playing on S63, same nick as always. Have fun everyone!

New look [4-Jan-2013]

Changed the colour scheme to enhance readability. Please email me if you have difficulty in reading the contents.

Also, this website is NOT SPONSORED by JoyFort. And, I am certainly NOT EMPLOYED by JoyFort.

Whatever income I earn from this website is through the advertisements displayed within this website and a little more if visitors clicked on the advertisements. If JoyFort chooses to pay me a little for the effort, I would eternally be grateful. :p 

730K Fighter Planes against 227K Fighter Planes. Which side won? [27-Nov-2012]

Most players would expect a defender with 730K fighter planes to win a battle where the attacker had only 227K fighter planes. 
Go see the battle record -> Battle Records (vs Players)

Completion of Equipment Sets for the mission "Equipment Exchange" [21-Oct-2012]

Okay, I have completed the entire equipment sets for the mission "Equipment Exchange". But most of the sets lack images. If you have them, kindly email screenshots to me. Enjoy!

Expanded the article of "Identify Good Officers"

I have included a new section "How do determine the Maximum Potential of a 4-star Officer?". Do read the new addition and let me know if there are changes required. :)

Identify Good Officers

Added more Equipments [8-Sep-2012]

I have added a few more equipments for the officers. But I lack the images for them. So, if you have them, kindly email screenshots to me. Enjoy!

Assembling Weapon Parts

How do I find that missing weapon part? I can never seem to find them! Well, click on the hyperlink below and read on...


Welcome to my collection of guides for the game - The Stratagems (URL:   This is a compilation of guides that I have either been given or found by myself.

Hopefully any information you may need can be found here.  The information contained within this spreadsheet is NOT provided by JoyFort or War2Glory. And if you think something should be included that isn't, drop me an email. :)

Currently, I'm playing on the following servers on JoyFort: S58, S59, S60, S61, M2, M4, M5, M8, M10, M12 and M14 as "tracyz". And on War2Glory, I'm playing on SpitFire as "tracyz"". See you there. :)

Update [22-Aug-2012]

Started work on the GoogleSite. Hope everyone likes the new look and the SEARCH function!