Review of our performance at Tropic at Ruislip Feb 2013.

Write up in NME of our performance at Tribfest 2012

Si Cunningham in NME Magazine writes:

"The Strange Doors look and sound so convincing that I start to forget we're not about to interview the actual Jim Morrison when the band have finished playing ."

Jerry Scheff (L.A. Woman Album bass player) writes:

"I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed playing with you very much. No rehearsal, but you pulled it off in spades. I hope we can do it again."

David Nicholson writes:

"Having been a supporter of Kyps since he opened the venue, I have experienced all the bands at one time or another over the years. Unquestionably you are right up there at the top of the tree. (Along with my other personal favourites.)Superb performance from all four of you, absolutely spot on, just like the Band themselves, that I was fortunate enough to see at their peak. Again, Thank You. ps. Looking forward to your next visit down here in deepest darkest Dorset."

Paul Hayes writes:

"I was at Upton Festival - The Strange Doors were the band of the weekend in my opinion. Great set, which would've been even better later at night - will definitely be looking out for more of your gigs."

Kerri Darrington writes:

"Thank you for a great night!!! Seen 4 Doors tribute bands now, but enjoyed this one the most! Defo hope to see The Strange Doors again soon "

Sharon Konnaris writes:

"Beyond words...what a gig, what talent. LOVED IT! Mindblowing, hypnotic, orgasmic. Will be looking up dates to see you again soon. Thanks for an amazing night!" "

Mick White writes:

"Saw you on Saturday (at Upton Festival) and thought you were excellent. Looked and sounded so much like The Doors it brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good work guys and keep their music alive."

Paul - Owner of Fat Lils, Witney writes:

"We were knocked out by The Strange Doors...Visually authentic and the sound was fantastic! They balance playing classic Doors tracks with improvised sections VERY well. Great Band."

Anthony Strutt writing for WWW.PENNYBLACKMUSIC.CO.UK:

"The band nailed into me so hard that I totally forgot this was not the real thing. They hypnotized me, and after that I was theirs for the taking. This is music to lose your soul in, and the Strange Doors do just that. Welcome to the trip!"

Philip - Promoter for Tropic at Ruislip writes:

"It’s always slightly worrying when you book a relatively new tribute band and they are playing music which, on the face of it, has to be “spot on”. Aficionados of The Doors would be the first to pick up on any slips, and we had plenty in the audience. The music of The Doors was, on the one hand simple, but on the other hand, due to its somewhat improvised style, beyond complicated.The Strange Doors surprised me, no I would go further, they shocked me with their sheer accuracy. Every note faithfully reproduced. I listened hard to find the one they missed, there was not one I could find…. An excellent 2+ hour show delivered with style and vigour.

I had no hesitation in re-booking the band for a subsequent gig. 10/10"

David Taylor writes:

"I felt I must drop you a note after seeing you in Ruislip a couple of months ago. I have to say that I cannot describe the concert you gave as good, it could more accurately be described as completely out of this world..fantastic..incredible - to say I enjoyed it is an understatement! I haven't enjoyed an evening so much in years - can't wait to see and hear you again. The Doors are one of my favourite bands along with JJ Cale Leonard Coen and so forth so I know the music pretty well - all I can say is that every one of you were better than perfect - Drummer fantastic, every beat and cymbal crash in place, same for the guitar, however the organ was not as good as Ray Manzarek but even better and as for Jim Morrison - voice perfect! Really loved it and look forward to seeing you again. Much good luck & please don't ever change."

Nicky Morris writes:

"You were not only musically / vocally brilliant and totally spot on, you also captured the real essence of the band.

And Jim, a final flourish of congratulations to you. A truely authentic performance, that wowed not just me but the whole audience to the point that people were coming up to grab your hand! (Including me at one point!)

Beautiful evening, and look forward to seeing you somewhere again soon."


(Taken from posts and comments on our Facebook page)

Willow, Keyboardist with Blues band, Cornerstone writes:

"Loved your set at the Shed! You've got the Doors vibe just right - plenty of 'spaciousness', a balance of melodic with full on freak! Me & Alex (drums) definitely plan to catch you at The Musician in Jan. Good Job!"

"Thanks for a brilliant experience last night: great! To anyone curious - just go see them!!!!!!!!!!"

"Best tribute to the doors I have seen ! You did a blinding night ! X"

"Ruislip REALLY rocked tonight - great gig guys x"

"Great music. Great poetry. Great night lads - it was a blast. Good luck in the future!"

"Fab night tonight. Superb rendering of a massive set of old favourites. Thanks guys :) :) :) x"

"My first Strange Doors gig in Walthamstow last night. Loved it! Can't wait to see you again in Ruislip! All right, yeah!"

"What a night you guys were great hope to see you again I will spread the word there's a new band to see that plays proper music"

"Very impressed with the gig last night - great musicianship and energetic performance"

"Great stuff tonight - I was blown away. You guys are tight, don't change a thing."

"thought u guys were great yesterday at wolverton square, look foward to seeing u play again."