Launch party Nassau Feb 2014

The Story of British American Insurance Company launch party video and photographs

The Story of British American Insurance Company was launched in Nassau, Bahamas on Saturday 22 Feb 2014. All of the authors and contributors attended, some having flown in specially for this event. There was a book signing by the authors during the day. In the evening, as many alumni as could be contacted were invited to a party held at the Nassau Yacht Club. This consisted of poolside cocktails followed by a photograph session, a banquet and then speeches. Guests said that they were delighted to have been invited and it also gave them an opportunity to chat to people they had not seen for a long time. In many cases, this was a quarter of a century or more. 

The Story of British American Insurance Company launch party video

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The Story of British American Insurance Company launch party photographs

The photographs taken at the event are set out below. They can be copied by right clicking your mouse and pasting to an Excel or Word document or by also right clicking and choose 'Save image as' a JPEG to your computer directory. Hard copies can be obtained from the photographer: on Facebook azaleta Ishmael-newry,email or call 242 557 0981.

The front cover of The Story

                                                                                                    Suzanne Davidson welcomes the guests
Stephanie and Norbert Bossiere.

Robert and Delores Farrington, Richenda and Kendal King

Dianne Lockhart and Sharon Smith

Don and Kristen Johnson

Ken and Bonnie Pilcher

Olga Culmer

Linda Jarrett

Robert and Delores Farrington

Sue and Jeff Albury

 Margaret French

Thelma Knowles

Georgia Lorandos

Sir Geoffrey and Lady Johnstone

Kendal and Richenda King

Roosevelt Finlayson

Andre Rahming

Sherrie Knowles

Gilbert Williams

Cheryl Bain

Dianne Lockhart

 Angela Sawyer

Sharon Smith

Gaynell Hutchinson

David and Grace Thurlow

John Wybrew

Don and Kristen Johnson

 Madelene Lee and Judy Higgs

Helen Roberts, Chris Brown and Ethel Berry

Eric Steele and Doreen Bolton Steele

Stephanie and Nobert Bossiere

Patricia Thompson

Peter and Jackie Phillips and Carroll Davidson

Jim French

Roger and Babs Sayers

Greg Ritchie

Henry Miller

Williamae Miller

Andre Rahming and Sherrie Knowles

Carroll Davidson mingles with guests

 Guests at a table.

 Carroll Davidson welcomes everyone to the party

Robert Farrington

 David Thurlow remembers British American

Roger Sayers recounts his days with British American

Georgia Lorandos enjoys the Roger Sayer's speech

Roosevelt Finlayson and Cheryl Bain smile at Roger Sayers' humour

John Wybrew addresses the audience

Carroll Davidson signs a book for Linda Jarrett

Peter Phillips greets Angela Sawyer

Carroll Davidson signs books for Judy Higgs and Madeline Lee

Doreen Bolton Steele has her book signed

As does Angela Sawyer

Jim French, Lady Johnstone, Nobert Bossiere and Sir Geoffery Johnstone

Nobert Bossiere and Georgia Lorandos

Georgia Lorandos congratulates Carroll Davidson on his book

John Wybrew stocks up

Stephanie Bossiere and Thelma Kowles compare notes

Azaleta Ishmael-Newry was the official photographer (azaleta - p.r., marketing, advertising and photography)

All done?

Not quite. David Thurlow signs Azaleta Ishmael-Newry's book

The last one.

Three authors, a contributor and an editor - Messers. Phillips, Sayers, Davidson, Watson and Thurlow.

David Thurlow, John Wybrew, David Watson, Carroll Davidson, Grace Thurlow, Babs and Roger Sayers.