Welcome to 

the Story Game

We hope you enjoy the show 

Glad you somehow stumbled (or were forcibly directed) to our website! In August of 2005,  we decided to harness the incredible power of peer pressure to our own advantage.  And thus was born THE STORY GAME.


It works like this: every two weeks (or so) one of us will throw out "a pitch." The pitch is the raw seed around which a story is built. It can be almost anything, from a single vague word, to a highly detailed, abstract and ornate plot line. Both of us then have a week in which to write a story somehow centering (again more or less) around that pitch. The stories are usually around 2 pages long (making them technically flash fiction) but sometimes a little longer. As far as genre goes, they're most likely to be classed as speculative fiction, but really they run the gamut from high drama to high fantasy, and with a bit of low-brow inbetween. Look through the archive and you're almost guaranteed (in a way that is totally not legally binding) to find something you like.


We talked about it and decided to post most of our stories online. So here they are. We are happy to listen to your comments and almost inevitable criticisms, BUT please remember that these are amateur stories, written for our own pleasure, and most of them have never been edited. So there. Read away. Enjoy. Or don't.  It's entirely up to you.


 - JP and JED (the Authors)


Questions? And Answers?

Who are the mysterious and enigmatic authors?

 Like you really care. You're just trying to make us feel better about ourselves. Well, it won't work. We are both mysterious AND engimatic. At the same time. That's all you need to know.


Why do you write these stories?

 Blinding migraines ensue if we don't.


If this is a game who is the winner? I don't get it!!!

Not all games are restricted to Manichean winners and losers. Think about jump-rope. Think beyond your preconceptions. Be one with the Game...  ohm... ohm.... (also we don't have a way to decide that wouldn't result in actual violence). 


Can I post my own stories here?

  No. It's a good old boys club and we don't like you.


Your stories/grammar/writing/names suck! 
    Duh. If you want to hurt our feelings you're going to have to come up with something better than that. If you want us to write better stories you're just plain out of luck. But you're welcome  to try! Leave us a message  on ourcomments and commiserations page!