No Time like the Present - JED

I wrote this for 6 sentences, but sent in something else, cause I felt like this was too sci-fi. Still, I kinda dig it.

Once upon a time, there was a time, until we threw open all the doors, and all our thens became now. There is no when that it was, but a way was opened that led back to itself, a Gordian loop; one time through all time. Any door is every door and so we go from here to was, and back across our paths to will be. Now, which is then, time's arrow is blunted and befuddled and people daytrade in the day's after tomorrow, and take their rest in their own youth. We ride the ouroubourous, and eat our own dinners as yesterday's breakfast, all for once, once for all. Still, even under the amazement of giving birth to myself, of seeing the sun set into it's own rising, I miss an age with age, and a day without wonder, and I often wish for some time.