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 "A Place That Don't Know My Name"
   - JED
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"Forbidden Fruit"
by JP  
by JED


 "The Scariest month, Part Deux"
 - JED

 "The Scariest month, Part Deux"

By JP 


 "The Scariest Month, Part One"

By JP     



"Falling Leaves"

by JED


"No Time Like the Present"

by JED


"A Halloween Story"




by JED


 "The Cross and the Carnelian Sky" 

- JP   





"The Silken Chains"



"Perfect Gentleman: an Uplifting Tale"


    - JED 


"Nobody Knows How to Samurai"



 "A Bridge, A Reflection; A Fun Story"

- JED 

- JP    


 "A Bridge Story"

by JP


 "A Continuity of Crows: A Story of Things Lost and Found"

      - JED

      - JP


"Pirate Story"

by JED

"History of the Citadel, part 2"
   - JED
"History of the Citadel"
- JP
   - JED 
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The Frozen Pack




New pitch up! It's all good stuff! No time to blog on now, but check out the stories, they speak for themselves, and seriously, I do think it's a good crop. Enjoy!



-JP 3.18.08








The Lean Times




So yes, it has been awhile, and will be awhile again, I am afraid. Brother JED is off doing sciency things in the wilds of the Kathmandulaska Pole, and as such, his ability to communicate with earth people is spotty at best. So we're throwing out the pitches when we can, answering them when he gets a chance, and then posting the results ASAP. I'm considering setting up some kind of RSS feed or somesuch to let folks know when new stories are up, but a) I really have no idea how to do that, and b) I don't know if this site gets enough traffic to merit the effort. Please, feel free to weigh in if you have an opinion on the matter.


In the meantime, we do have two stories for you, and I think they're both excellent. In JED's, an old man reflects on the foreigness of death, any time it comes. In mine, a western-style post-apocalyptic gun battle brings some action flavor. Enjoy!


- JP 1.22.08








Oh my, yes...




Oh dear, it appears to be some time since this puppy has been updated... Have stories! Have stories! And here are some freebie super-bonuses: legitimately published stories (not that our self-publishing isn't legit... it is, in fact, 2 Legit). First of all, self-plugging, my story "Elohim" is up at the ever-excellent Ideomancer, along with a couple of other pieces I am sure you will enjoy. Ideomancer is one of the few mags I've found which really looks for quality, envelope-pushing stuff, and I highly recommend it to everyone, even when they're not publishing my stuff.


In addition, JED and I both have pieces up at the ever-fantabulous Six Sentences. Mine is Wolf at the Door, which is my personal favorite six to date. JED's is Sky Lighting, a truly beautiful play of imagery, like a stained glass window on paper. Check them both out, I think you'll agree that it's worth your time.


On to the actual pitch: This week, we returned to the good old faithful word association-- Forbidden Fruit. I think we got some good results: mine is a traditional SF tale, established in some ways to try out some technology I had been thinking of for another story. Let me know what you think! (as an interesting aside, I probably would have cut the first two paragraphs of infodump if I were writing this for sale. I left them in, though, because I like them and I can. I'd love to hear what folks think... are they cool, or do they bog the story down?) JED's, on the other hand, is an interesting exploration into one man's pseudo-hedonistic philosophy. There's a lot of food for thought there, if you will.


- JP 12.19.07






Thought I was dead dincha? Thought you'd be able to skip my stories, and deal only with my brother's comparatively excellent work huh? Well I got news for you buddy, I ain't goin out like that.  Despite all common sense, and the better part of valor, I continue to attempt to play with the big boys. Drag my ass out kickin' and screaming, I tell you what.


So, here's the 411 on JED-land. We got 2 new stories for you: "Modern Anxiety part 4," which is short,  a bonus "No Time Like the Present," which is even shorter, and another bonus story "Falling Leaves, " which quite as short, but certainly not loquacious.  But they're there, and that's what counts.


Also, I'm going to be appearing at 6 Sentences on December 10th. Members of my writing group, The Drinklings, will also be popping up there, so look for works the Drinklings trademark! Always made in the USA! Except when it's not. I'll be putting up a link to our very own Drinklings website, soon as I got the kinks worked out with that.


Other than that...I'm busy. Yeah, that's right.  Busy.  Not dead.


-JED 11.03.07







Bonus Edition




Here's a little ditty I wrote last night waiting for the Trick-or-treaters to show their painted faces. It was originally posted on our Blog, just because I felt like it. I think I might do that every now and then if I happen to burst out any short pieces like this again, it's much easier than putting them up here in the spur of the moment, so be sure to check around there every now and then for surprise story material.


Of course, we would never neglect our loyal Game readers, either, so anything put up there will, as this piece, end up here the next whenever-I-get-around-to-it.


- JP 11.01.07










Round Two: Fight!




My Round Two of the October pitch (quick refresh: scary story based on modern anxiety) is officially posted. I am still struggling on getting "scary" right, but that said, I am relatively pleased with this one. Hopefully it will satisfy your creep factor for the All Hallow's Season. And feel free to drop me a line at the email addy (thestorygame [at] gmail [dot] com) or the Blog if you have any comments, suggestions or criticism. Scary is a place I am working hard to master, so all is welcome.


Don't forget, there's still one from JED coming your way before Halloween is done. Look for it next week!


- JP 10.24.07







                                             Gettin' Freaky-Deeky in Heah.




No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Like Scary Freaky! Like Halloween Freaky! Like spooky wallpaper freaky, only Google Pages won't let us actually do that and we're too cheap and undertrafficked to get a web designer.


It's October, and here at The Story Game, October is our favorite month, because it means we get to spend all month writing scary stories. Which is to say, we get to spend all month attempting to write scary stories. To be honest, neither one of us is actual good at enducing fear, no matter how hard we try, but I think we do a good job with "macabre," "eerie" and "bizarre," which is good enough for me, and hopefully for you too.


This year, we're doing things just a touch different-- the pitch is a whole month long, and we'll be taking turns instead of going simultaneously. It is a scary story rondeau, if you will, around a single, central theme: modern day terrors. Not that the story itself has to be modern in any way-- it can be set in distant past if you so desire. Instead, it must tap into an anxiety that, if not unique to the present, is at least at the forefront of our minds. More on this general theme shall be discussed shortly on the ole' Blog. But now to the stories.


This is actually week two of the rondeau, I just finished mine late (as usual) and didn't bother posting it till today instead of last week. Fortunately, JED is write on schedule with his, so we present both together. Two different stories, two different ways for the world to end. Are they really horror? Maybe, maybe not, but they are worth your consideration. And now, they are so submitted. Enjoy.


- JP 10.14.2007






No one ever update! Seriously. I know. Bad writers. Baaaaad.


But here's a little somethin' somethin' for you loyalists out there.


- JED 10.4.2007



     New Post!


Get it while it's fresh and tasty!


And for anyone who wants to check out my art (and believe me, I use that word loosely)  in a different medium, feel free to check out my photos on Flickr, here!


I'm totally into shameless self-promotion - it's the coolest! Speaking of which, JP's story "The Pirate, Landlocked," is currently up as an Editor's Pick in this quarter's edition of flashquake. Check it out!


- JED 9/5/2007









  I'll Tell Ya Why



Because I didn't think "Derinkuyu" was the actual pitch. Seriously, that's it. There was some confusion after the whole "Modern Gothic" fiasco, which seemed like a really great idea at the time but in retrospect was retarded, and I thought I was supposed to be throwing out the next one and Derinkuyu was just mentioned as something that would be a good pitch. That said, The Silken Chains is a story I wrote long ago. I'm very proud of it, but, for various reasons, I don't think will find a home other than at The Story Game, so here it is.


In other, way, way more important news, let me tell you about flashquake. flashquake is a rather awesome flash-fic site that those who enjoy The Story Game will definitely like. And they bought my story. woot! It will be an Editor's Pick in the Fall edition, released September 1st. This, coupled with the acceptance of a short piece I did for Six Sentences, has totally made my week/month/year-to-date. 


But there's another reason I'm telling you about flashquake: they get funded primarily through a referral link to Amazon-- if you go to flashquake, click on the link, then buy stuff, they get part of the profits and it charges you nothing whatsoever. This is a great fund-raising method for a great magazine that publishes incredibly high quality stuff (and me, possibly just for contrast), and it keeps the site ad-free (TSG is also ad-free, you may notice, but for entirely different reasons. If someone would like to give us money, we would like to take it.) Anyways, I strongly encourage all of you to do your Amazon shopping through flashquake, and help keep flashfic alive and quality!!!!    


I should also plug Six Sentences, which is an awesome idea that is doing very well and I'm quite excited about. Essentially, it is what the title says: six sentences. Just six sentences, by different authors (soon to be including myself) posted on what appears to be a twice-daily basis. That's like, alot. And the impressive thing is that they're all really good. Check it out, read it daily. I do. A don't lie to me and tell me that I'm not your hero.


- JP 8.18.2007


P.S.- Note that JED posted that last comment from the future. That's how cool he is.  Remember it.





Two new stories, hot off the presses! "Derinkuyu" (which is totally a real place) and "The Silken Chains." I'll let JP explain why he's sending in a "relief pitch."


As for other news please check out JP's new online pub over at Six Sentences (up on 9/14). And if you're really bored, or some sort of stalker (though who would stalk me is a mystery unto itself), feel free to check out my new Yahoo360 page. It's got photos and actual real world information and everything. Let the veil of suspense be lifted! *GASP* - JED was actually JED all along! Who would have guessed it!


- JED 8.19.2007



     A brief re-introduction


Hello. How are you? Have we met?


It occurs to me that, just in case some of you might be new readers, a brief re-introduction for our little website might be in order. And if you're an old faithful reader, reliable as the geohydrologic force with which I have metaphorized (yes, I know that's not a word...yet) you, then you also might benefit from getting a brief tour of the site.


So, the basics. It's a website with stories from two guys (to my eternal shame, he is my biological brother) about every two weeks or so, extremely broadly speaking. Generally, you'll get two stories, each inspired by the same "pitch." It's kind of like a public format free-writing exercise, but just for us. You can read it and laugh at us though!


In the column to the right of this very sentence, you will find a list of links to our most recent stories, a teaser about the next story coming up, and a brief semi-list of the most recent past stories. For a comprehensive and all-consuming, utterly devastatingly time wasting list of all the stories we've published here, just click on the "Full Archive" link. It has pretty pictures (which are not actually "stolen" so much as they are "homaged").


In the column to the left, you can find links to several pages containing pretentiously witty banter, as well as our ever-expanding "links" page." Fun stuff galore!


At the top you can also find a link to our blog, where you can post comments about any of the stories you've read. I would whole heartedly encourage you to do that! We'd really, really love to hear from you, even if you don't have multiple syllables to say!


Finally, a quick note about the archives. You may notice that some of the links are missing, and have been replaced with "Checked out." That means they're gone, at least for the moment, possibly being shopped out to the paying world, possibly being retooled, possibly because of sheer embarassment on our parts.


All that said, we certainly hope you're having fun, and we'd always love to hear from you.


It's also my pleasure to present to you, a brand new pitch: "Perfect Gentleman!!!" I think you'll actually find it quite piquant with a pleasant nutty undertone, and a nice floral bouquet. Also JP's is very funny and clever. Mine is too, but not as much.


As an added bonus I've also posted a bit of flash fic I produced at a writing group I just started going to (Nobody knows how to Samurai). It's raw writing, but I actually like it. Color me crazy, but I do.


Okely dokely!


JED 7.24.2007










 Hilarity Level: Low




Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a slack-ass. No surprises there. Thing is, I'm gearing up for a trial next week, so I haven't had much in the way of free time lately. I know, bitch bitch bitch. All I ever do around here. Stupid real job. If you would prefer more writing and less whining, feel free to donate cash so that I do not ever have to go back to that horrid place again.  


Since hilarious is not in my blood at the moment ("And I will name this gray hair 'Client'"), I will keep it short and to the point: we got new stories. You have likely already read them. Please read them again. Savor their exotic flavor. More are on the way that should also satisfy your taste buds; next weeks' batch are of a more humorous bent, so that should be fun.


Oh yes, and you may have noticed that some stories have gone... conspicuously absent from the archives. That is because we [buhbuhBUM!] have decided to try and market a select few. We figured what the hey, we've got lots of stuff we like to think of as "good," and right now, we were pushing 150 stories available (that's right, one-five-oh). That's alot of content, and growing every week.


So here's the deal: we will always maintain a minimum of at least 100 stories (really, definitely more, since most of these stories aren't really suited to formal publication), and we won't try to sell anything that hasn't been on the site for at least 6 months. We think that ensures that you, our two readers, get all the story-fied goodness you vaguely crave.


Now, for anyone thinking of emulating our wildly (un)successful business model, you should know that being posted on this site probably counts as publication (though this is one case where having all of two readers is helpful) and therefore most (all?) zines out there will not consider wiping their butt with our stories (which is good, since they're entirely in electronic format) (here's another parenthetical for some reason). We know this, and therefore expect very little from our little publishing jaunt. But what the heck, it might work out for us, and it should would be cool to see a Story Game story actually make it somewhere.


So there you have it. Wish our stories good luck, and we will report successes if they come. Also, if there's one of you out there who's been a loyal reader for ages and suddenly realized your keyboard's been disconnected all this time and you now feel like breaking the silence, drop us a line, here or on the blog, and let us know what your favorite story is, and what you think we should try to publish. Until then! 






In a totally friendly, not homophobic and yet untirely un-gay way


Yeah, uh, I actually don't wear AXE anymore. I mean, come on, how freakin' lazy do you have to be not lift up your own shirt.  As lazy as my brother, and that's crazy lazy (I'd say Lazy with a capital L, but he's too lazy to be bothered with the extra work that capitalization entails). And for all your non-work you end up smelling like a frat boy with a sinus infection.  But that's JP in a nutshell: slothful bourgeoisie pig-dog if ever I've seen one.


I'm more of an Old Spice man myself - that's right I prefer smelling like your grandpa to smelling like a spikey-haired douche bag. That's how I roll.


 In all seriousness, apparently Firefox doesn't always get along with google. And me, being the computer savvy genius that I am, tried to fix it by repeatedly loading and reloading the page while staring inanely at my desktop screen. For several days, before I had the bright idea of loading IE. Not quite inventing fire, but I'm happy with myself.


As for the stories, I agree with the Cat-Man that indeed they are a bumper crop. JP's Continuity of Crows is a tasty, if melancholy treat (best read with Depeche Mode as background music), and mine...well it could be worse. And if I do say so myself, again, I think you're going to enjoy the upcoming "Bridge, Reflection" pitch - it's a spicy meatball!


On another note, I've put some new books and links up on our LINKAGE page. If you haven't checked these out, please do. We don't get a commission...yet (I'm looking at you Neil Gaiman!), but these are definitely worth reading/clicking.  If you've read all we have to offer that is.


-JED 6.4.2007






I like Dudes.


 <high pitched voice> Hi, I'm JED, and I wear Axe cologne and live in Seattle and like to play with pretty little birdies aaallll day.


 Okay, I'm not JED. Apparently he is having some trouble posting on the homepage here for some reason, so I have taken the opportunity to question his masculinity in a public environment while he is totally defenseless. Yes, I am relatively proud of myself.


And I too wear Axe, actually [product plug: If you work for Axe, please give me money]. I have seen sites on this so-called interweb that question the coolness of this, given the fruity scents involved, but those people overlook one fact: It's deoderant that you can put on WITHOUT TAKING OFF YOUR SHIRT. Because who has the time for that crap? Nothing says "man" like being too lazy to lift your own arms to cover up the ungodly stench emanating from thereunder.


 So, hopefully JED will run to the rescue and delete this post and put up something more entertaining in its place, but until then, here are some stories, and it's really a bumper crop this time. First, there's Continuity of Crows, the first story we've written since the Game was back on, and I will say, with appropriate own-horn-tooting, we are back in style. These are some of our finest to date, and the future is only looking brighter (by the way, for those paying attention, we are not already falling behind.... the Game itself is perfectly on track. The posting, well... okay, that's falling behind. But the writing aspect is healthier than ever).


So Second, we have JED's pirate story, which is fan-tas-tic. We actually wrote these stories for the awesome Shimmer pirate issue, but alas, were shot down, and in JED's case, most unjustly. I don't hold it against the magazine, though, as they had been overtaken by a scurrilous guest editor who makes rejecting my stories a rather routine matter. But the point is, JED's story is awesome, and I'm impressed that he's giving it away for free. Mine is way less awesome, and I'm hoarding it like crazy.


Finally, there's the long-awaited (still) last edition of History of the Citadels, which I apparently didn't post correctly last time. But it's still awesome, and now even more awaited, so check it out!


Oh, and JED is in reality quite masculine (in a geeky way), very talented, and newly available..... Ladies!


- JP 














Okay, first a confession: we try to remain at least a week ahead of the website, so that we have plenty of time to be sure we get something up. That means that no, we are not writing A Continuity of Crows this week; we wrote it last week, and we're already working on the pitch for the next cycle. If that ruins our mystique, then some one let me know and I will take down this post and deny it ever existed. I am a whore to my audience.


So, the point of that little revelation is that since we're just getting back on track from a hiatus, we didn't have a previous week's story to post this time. What we did was we reached back in time (because we can do that) and grabbed a story from the distant time before we started the website, and used that to sub-in while we got back on our feet. And I hate to say it, but the age shows a little.


And that's what I'd like to talk about a little: progression as a writer. When I was in fifth grade writing my first novel (it got to chapter 3 and probably remains the longest thing I've ever written. There was a guy with a sword and everything.) I thought I had truly mastered the profession. I was at the very peak of my game, riding the rocket to stardom. Unfortunately, it was all derailed when my new braces and glasses forever ruined my ability to pose for an author photo. 


Throughout high school, I thought I was good, and in college, in a creative writing class, and even to this very day, I'm proud of my work. But every time I go back and read old work, I suddenly see all the flaws and absences in it that just passed me by when I was writing it. It all seems immature compared to what I'm writing now. And in six months when I look at that, it'll seem juvenile too.


I think that's one of the neatest parts about being a writer: seeing what you can come up with down the road. Constantly trying to top yourself. The downside is realizing that what once seemed to be the be-all peak of awesome actually isn't that good at all. And that's the upside of being a reader of current literature. You get to watch other writers go through the development process. It's so cool to know that this year, Neil Gaiman will write a short story that will blow away the one I read last year, and make me remember again why I love spec-fic. And the same with this here JED guy. It's awesome seeing what he's going to come up with next, what direction he's going to take his world-building in, what new meta-level he will slip onto in the newest story. 


Which brings me to my final point: today, you get to see that process in direct motion, as JED is also posting his long-awaited last edition of History of the Citadel, and it's well worth reading. I hope you'll all be able to follow what happens-- the trick is to remember that this is based off of an actual round of a game. Keep that in mind, and I think you'll see, it's pretty cool.












He's right, this is not a blog.....






Like a phoenix rising from its ashes and then IM'ing its friends about it, The Story Game is Back, It's Bad, and It's now got it's own parallel blog. We're back on course, lads 'n lassies, and now we're better than ever.



JED and I have reached a compromise between my mercenary vision of actually doing this writing stuff for some variety of compensation, and his charitable urges to ensure the poorest among us has access to medium quality speculative fiction at the drop of an URL. And we think you're going to like it.



So here's the new deal: We will be pitching as usual, but instead of every week, we will now be posting stories every other week, starting next weekend. At turn-in time ("catch time" if you will), we will each have to present a story, as usual. BUT, if one of us (let's face it: me) wants to keep the story and try to market it or something, we can, ON THE CONDITION that we replace it with another story of equal or lesser value and come here with hat in hand to explain to you, the reader, the reasons for our misdeeds. Also, JED has to finish his damn History of the Citadels pitch, because I dug those.



Simultaneously, we are revamping our old comments website (which no one was too thrilled about anyway) to be our NEW, IMPROVED (somehow) BLOG!!!! Now this won't be your normal ranty how-was-my-day blog, no sir. Instead, we'll try to focus more on posts about the craft of writing, writing reviews and criticism (I totally just made that part up off the top of my head), cool sources of writing info, and, occasionally, your normal ranty how-was-my-day blog stuff. We'll also cross-post these front-page blurbs from the main sight, so that you, our 3-6 loyal readers (hi Mom!) can join in the conversatin'. We still haven't decided how often to update the blog (mainly because JED doesn't know we have one yet), but right now, we're shooting for a minimum of every other week, alternating with the release of stories on the main site. And of course, we will be posting there just any ole time we have something to say, as well.



So what does all this babble mean to you, the reader? It means you will get a bare-ass minimum of two (2) stories every two (2) weeks, which ain't bad. Most of these will be on the weekly pitch, but occasionally, you'll get a wild card to really vary things up. In the meantime, you'll get quality lit-crit, theory, reviews and ramblings from your favorite authors (us) over at our BLOG, where you can join in the coversation any time you please. All of this, PLUS you get the bonus story "History of the Citadel, Part 2" by JED, coming soon! Look for our the next pitch "Looking Out the Window" to be posted next weekend, and the first blog post (which is really just an introduction) and the cross-post of these very words are up for comment on the blog right now! Go check it out!




This is not a blog...really.



I do not come here to expound on my life.  The problem is that I rarely come here anymore, and I feel the need to explain what exactly is going on with that. So bare with my while I give you a little up date on my personal status which might help explain why the updates have been, uh, nonexistant.


Everything that I am about to tell you is entirely true. 


Over the past several months, I have been very busy. I have been getting divorced from my wife of six years and learning to live on my own again. I have applied for jobs at several colleges all across the country, and have interviewed at eight of them. I have, however, turned them all down because I have been offered a grant to study for a year in Tibet (see, I knew you wouldn't believe me). I have accepted this grant, but have had to get funding for the intermediate period, which has ended up with me planning to spend several months in Scotland (believe it or not). I have also had to get ready for my summer field research catching tiny birds in big mountains, and to manage several undergraduate projects exploring how smart those tiny birds actually are. All of this and two lectures on how the kidneys work. I swear. I'm only 30 but these days I feel a lot older.


So, hopefully you can see how writing has fallen a bit through the cracks. 


That said, DO NOT abandon all hope. Even though JP is pursuing professional writing services, and I'm soon to be self-imposedly exiled to the literal farthest reaches of the globe, we fully intend to keep "The Storygame" up and running. It just may take a while, so please stay with us. 


We're still writing. 


I can't emphasize that enough. This website and the game in general, has been a great thing for us, and no matter what happens I intend to keep on keeping on. 

Instead of regular weekly and bi-weekly updates, I think you might instead expect intermittent "story loads." However, those "story loads" are likely to be fairly substantial. For example, I've just posted an additional 6 stories, and I hope to have another 3 to 5 up within a week. 


If you keep reading I promise you'll keep finding things to read here. 


And if you'd like to contact us, to complain, to offer advice, to offer support, or just to say hi, please feel free to write us at


We're listening, and we're here - so keep checking back in, we're still alive. 


- JED 4.11.2007 

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