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Pride of Alliance


Ducal Award

Season I

   The Stormwind Times in cooperation with the Duke Lionheart, Earl of Stormwind presents - the Pride of Alliance Award ((2008))! A new elite project, created as part of the Earl's charity program, will now be an annual event that shall recognize important figures that shape our society every day.

   Anyone can participate and try their chances in going through the careful process of selection of the best and the worthiest! Let's begin from the beginning!

What is the Pride of Alliance Award?

~The Pride of Alliance also known as the Ducal Award is an event that occurs  every year created to reward and recognize important, influential, and heroic figures of our world. The categories are:

  • Political - the tops of the tops! Guild Masters and their officers, diplomats, creators and destructors of alliances, outspoken fighters for their cause.
  • Economic - famous merchants, businessmen, auctioneers.
  • Social - celebrity of the realm!
  • Literary - greatest writer!!! Send your story to RavenholdtLion@gmail.com or post on the Literary PAA forums! (See the requirements on the forums!).
  • Military - toughest, most victorious leaders and soldiers who would die for their cause but are too great to be defeated.
  • Humanitarian - efforts to improve society by helping others in any way they can. From charity work to first aid this is for people who sacrifice their own lives for the betterment of ours!
  • Person of the Year - The prestige.
 Who can participate in the PAA?

~Anyone from Alliance can participate in the Ducal Award event both as a nominee and as a judge!


How does one get nominated and how may I vote for him or her?

~To get nominated you have to nominate yourself or have others nominate you at the official PAA forums. You can also vote for your favorites at the forums or e-mail to RavenholdtLion@gmail.com. Choose the category you're interested in participating or judging!


Can you be nominated/win in more than one category?

~Yes! The more categories you conquer the more glory you get!


Are there rewards for winning a category?

 ~The contest is not about money therefore the rewards are not so high moneywise. The awards are to let the community know that there are leaders and heroes who will help and protect them. In addition to the monetary prize, every winner will have an article published about him or her in The Times (picture included) and have other benefits announced at the award ceremony.

  • Political - 15 gold coins.
  • Economic - 15 gold coins.
  • Social - 20 gold coins.
  • Literary - 25 gold coins.
  • Military - 25 gold coins.
  • Humanitarian - 25 gold coins.
  • Person of the Year - 50 gold coins.
Note: If you wish to become a sponsor (which will be mentioned at the awards ceremony) for the PAA and provide additional rewards such as professional benefits (e.g. a number of free enchants or gems to advertise your services) to the winners, contact Leomir ((in-game through mail)).


When are the next Ducal Awards going to be held?

~The next awards ceremony will be held this December!




Nominees Thus Far


  • Aerana Dantay
  • Thorlamor Silverbeard

  • Bogenshold Firehand
  • Vidal
  • Aerana Dantay
Person of the Year
  • Chiaynn
  • Vidal
Know someone more worthy? Nominate them. 
Think you're better? Nominate yourself.
Like someone on the list? Vote for them.


Note: Only RPers should participate. OOC behavior during the selection process will lead to disqualification.

May the Best Men and Women Win



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