Edition III, Page 6

We are often unprepared for Truth, which is why Truth is revealed to us progressively

Reader Responses to Edition II

"I am impressed with the journalis nonetheless. May I congratulate you yet again on another wonderful edition and I shall do my best to promote it."

~Aerana Dantay


"Great! I look forward to how the awards are going to turn out."

~Zloy Alkash


"Will you leave me alone already?!  Screw you, I'm going to Barrens for a vacation! Don't you dare bother me, you damn paparazzi."

~Thorlamor Silverbeard


~Duke Leomir Barov

"Wow! You released the paper a month before the due date! I like THAT!"


"I'd like to congratulate Saldean Cog on successful piece of writing (and the promotion) with the Azeroth Drama. The young man has a potential."


"Will you launch the lottery already? I don't want to wait till August 15th!"

~Teodor Ironpike



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