We know its tough out there and there are a multitude of good clauses competing for your hard earned cash, but a small donation to Stevies fund would make such a difference.

Its the things most people take for granted that cost so much when you are disabled. Stevies powerchair cost £15,000 when we got it from new, we have been advised that it wont last much longer so will need to look at getting a new one. As Stevie grows his chair needs to grow with him, the last time Stevie had his seating replaced it cost over £1500, new tyres £400, servicing £150 and warranty £300 this all in a normal year. Thats without the other expenses of wanting to go on holiday, budget airlines wont take his chair, having to hire specialist vehicles abroad, the servicing and replacement parts of his electric bed, ceiling hoist, height adjustable table and sink, servicing his bath and toilet...............the list goes on and on and the expense is just over whelming. A small monthly donation does make all the difference, Thank You

If you would like details on how to donate to the Stevie Appeal Fund please contact.

Steven Pearson on 0044 (0)7944 770756

or email a.pearson700@ntlworld.com

Or you can contact the website at thestevieappealfund@gmail.com




Thanks very much for visiting the site and donations page :-)