Stevie is 16 years old and lives in Watford. He attend Marlborough Senior School in St Albans.

Stevie suffers from a rare muscle wasting disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Mucular Dystrophy is a progressive illness and sufferers have a limited life expectancy.

Sadly Stevie lost the ability to walk at the young age of 11. He is a permanent powered wheelchair user and his illness is beginning to affect his spine, heart, lungs, breathing muscles and now devastatingly his arms.

Despite this awful prognosis Stevie is a happy, intelligent, sociable and humorous young man. He faces life with a fierce determination and his family wholeheartedly encourage and support this.

He is a season ticket holder for his local team Watford and is also a massive supporter of Arsenal.

He is an amazing brother to Ben aged 8 and Joshua aged 2.


Stevie's annual black tie ball was a resounding success read all about it here.






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