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2011 October 12 - 18 ≠

11.10.18 noon off to buy a new water pump for the house :)

Andrew has a new computer and he uses it to download tunage ( songs ) and play javascripted ® games  .  Adobe ® Flash ® doesn't work any more on Macs ® .  Adobe ® brought you Portable Document Files . pdf s also . Be afraid .  Very afraid
Andy uses my old TiPowerbook ( one of 'em ) . We can not find the iPod Touch ®  . It's misplaced .  We bought in to Apple ® years ago and have enjoyed a love / hate relationship with them ever since .  The Touch ® is like an iPhone ® without the phone and works okay but i generally have to squint to read the screen .  Becky got me a regular old iPod ® for Christmas years ago that i still use right now , in fact . i like the fact you can put home movies on it .  Apple Computer ® has always been good that way with movies , pictures and music Apple Corps ® belongs to the estate of Mike Jackson and not the Beatles ®

Larry had an original white iPod ® years ago and wore the thing out .  Bex , Rob & Lar have all had iPhones ® .  The plan is expensive . Becky's gone through two or three white 13" Apple ® laptops .  I've had several TiPowerbooks ( laptops ) and have consistently worn them out , also , even the trackpads .  I've never dropped a piece of Apple ® hardware though .  Wait .  i put one on top of the car once and it slid off .  It took a licking but kept on ticking . Becky has owned two or three of the white ones , the 13" laptops , and they took considerable abuse on her part .  i know because i repaired them .  Andrew's 17" dial up laptop still works okay but is on it's very last leg .  He's using it right now .  It has multiple issues including a touchpad that one doesn't have to actually touch to make work .  Just wave your hand over it and the cursor moves via static electricity

Nice feature , huh ?

The way to do it is to buy Apples ® used from a place like http://www.powermax.com or http://www.macofalltrades.com  Tom Adams at http://www.macattic.com has some good bargains , too .  All newer Wintel ® Mac ® laptops have video built in .  This one is an old IBMPowerPC970 chipset machine

Like i said , my older kids have all owned iPhones ® when they can afford the plan .  Rob had a pager in H S in MD . The Touch ® doesn't require a plan and i go ' war driving ' for free wi-fi .  I used to war drive in DC when Ricochet ® was the only thing available in 2000 y2k .  We had a Dell ® once but i brought it to the dump .  Junk . So , and with all due respect to Steve Jobs RIP and the Woz , we are and have been an Apple ® family since about 1984 or 1985 .  Steve was 56 , like me

Claire's rent ( Yoko Ono ) just pulled in to their locked and gated driveway .  Why they gate and lock it is a mystery to us .  If anyone wants to steal something from their house or assault them they will simply pull in - o u r - completely open and parallel driveway and drive up to within ten feet of their house and walk right over and in to it .  Pillipinas .  This is not the Philippines , ladies .  Their house is weirdly shaped , too .  It's like 1/2 a house , the way it is designed and built , and the garage was turned in to the renters' apartment  .  Whereas we have a full square acre and a normal rancher type 18,000 sq. ft  house , her's is an acre , too ,  but long and skinny

That explains why it is only 1/2 a house .  It certainly doesn't qualify as a home , either .  When one's spouse commits suicide the only logical question to ask is , " Why? "

Either way suicide is a tragedy to all concerned .  I've cleaned up after several

Speaking of concern - and i think i just this moment figured it out - there was an ambulance at my friends Mike and Rucalee's house the other day .  They have taken to running an exercise cum karaté studio lately .  Someone must have had a heart attack - ack -ack  or taken one to the jaw

We cannot complain about the weather .  It's 75 º , sunny , 60 % humidity , and there's a nice breeze today .  We have had some rain and we need the water for our catchment

The kids had the week of and go back on Tuesday , the day after Dia de Colón .  Seemingly being oppressed , Hawai'ians do like to celebrate Columbus Day but must because it is a federal holiday .  That's called , " Having your cake and eating it , too . "  The older one gets the more one finds out that some things just do not matter , like the 4th of July , in Britain   

Who's line is it anyway ?

Someone is learning how to fly over our house .  How do i know ?  i know how to fly and can remember the thrill of learning how to , just buzzing around  .  They are making lazy circles amongst and through the clouds at about 10,000 ft.  There is also a rainbow around the sun .  " Ring around the sun or moon means that snow or rain will be coming soon. "  It's ice crystals reflected the sun's rays like tiny prisms

We have the ' weed and seed ' and ' green harvest ' programs here where they go out and look for pot , cut it up , and destroy it .  Occasionally the helicopters will find a huge plot nearby and bring in the local authorities to slash and burn the crop .  Come to think of it , now is harvest time . Shine on , harvest moon .  Hunter's moon tonight .  They ought to simply legalize marijuana .  Prohibition has never worked anywhere at anytime .  Why pot remains a Schedule 1 ( the worst kind ) narcotic when it isn't more dangerous than tobacco remains a mystery to us all  .  Pretty soon RJR tobacco company will stop selling cigarettes and start selling joints instead in California.  They are both prohibitively expensive for most to smoke not to mention the health risks associated with them

Monday .  That plane ?  Here's the rest of the story .  Someone was flying an expensive plane from California to Hawai'i and they were looking for it .  It ditched in the ocean ( insurance job )  Google ® it .  " Plane Ditches Near Hilo ."

Tuesday .  Boy Scouts with the Mormon community .  Normal .  Normal Bob --->   http://www.jesusdressup.com <--  We see LDSers at Wal-Mart and always say , " See you on Tuesday ."

Lot's of people milling around .  Lot's of new people .  The Mormons are an interesting group .  Salt of the Earth .  Better than 7th Day and the Jehovah Witnesses in our book .  Mitt Romney claims to be a Mormon .  Jehovah's are much weirder .  7th Day are vegan , essentially , and all into nature .  Mormons are nominally Christian .  They are not a cult any more . Sure there are fundamentalist latter day saints in Waco , TX who screw 14 year olds and try to maintain multiple wives , but they do not represent the majority . Mennonites are Christians , also .  They are the Amish .  Baptists , Quakers , Episcopal . Catholic . Unitarians . Doesn't really matter now does it ?  Funny thing is that the Jewish and Muslims are similar .  Factions .  We all worship the same one God .  Buddhists are different .  They have multiple Gods .  Like the natavists and some indian tribes .  Gods in rocks , Gods in trees .  God within .  Without getting in to a hellofalot of detail , St. John was a mystic , too , the guy who baptized Jesus

The food smells good at the Mormon tabernacle here in Aina'loa , HI .  They tease you with the smell then make you wait forever .  It's kinda' funny . i am a little hungry . i like to eat and dislike cooking .  In fact , i do cook a lot as a widower ( Banquet ® dinners mostly ) with two kids at home still .  Larry doesn't know how to cook except for ramen and cereal and simply refuses to purchase any thing .  He burns water

i think we lost a chick .  She ran away , literally .  We've eliminated the mongeese and cats , there is an owl but he's at night , there's a chicken hawk around but it usually preys on all the doves .  Flew the coop , that's all . Red's laying eggs again , thank goodness .  She lays them in the sink in the garage 

Saturday 11.10.15 ; soccer : Andrew's team , the Puna Bazookas , won

It was the boys against the girls .  Andrew's team was all boys - except for two - and the other team was all girls except for two boys , one named Peter .  We creamed them .  We had home field advantage during this , the mud bowl , 2 0 1 1 .  i was asst. ref and line judge asst. to Tom ref . aged 6 0 .  We made some dumb calls but the game went on , on schedule .  The final score was 5.5 - 3 .  It was 5.5 because the ball went in the goal , the goalie knew it but the - o t h e r - line judge said it didn't go in .  Bid deal .  She was from the other team , Hilo , the girl's team

Hawai'ian electric company ( HELCO ) is giving out free trees for Arbor Day Saturday and Sunday the 5th and 7th of next month .  That's what it said in their printed literature . HELCO is our semi-sorta-literate electricity company .  We just received the October bulletin here on the 17th and the bill .  Electricity runs us about $US200 / mo. here .  It's expensive .  October is fire safety awareness month , also .  The elementary school here gives out the October calendar o/a 10\29 every year .  You cannot make this up okay ?  i volunteered there for ≠ 7 years .  The School Left Behind   http://www/nclb.gov PES Pahoa Elementary School

i just taught Andrew the difference between tautologies , non sequiturs , circular reasoning , and rhetorical questions .  His response ?  " Oh , like Jeopardy ® , right ? " A; " Yes ."

My kids are all smarter than i am and it makes me angry . .l o l .  sometimes :) 
11.10.01 fall has fallen here also

We do have a change of seasons here .  We had like 2 days of cool , crisp weather and now we have the rain again .   It's because of the volcano and the particulate matter it spews in to the atmosphere . Our volcano hasn't stopped erupting since about Mt. Saint Helens started to back in 1 9 8 0 .  It causes rain and snow on the mountains .  You can also see the sun setting more to the south in the mountains to the west  , changing latitude .  This year , because of all the rain , We have had two springs and some trees are flowering again and it will be a good second season for the mangos .   We have trees and it's like jack in the beanstalk here sometimes  https://sites.google.com/site/thestevedoshpage/ <-- see pictures 
Saturday :  Andrew's fully in to soccer now .  He's on a ' select ' team and plays goalie or keeper , generally speaking , for the people who run the American Youth Soccer Organization http://www.ayso.org  Practices are M - F and games are on Saturdays .  The other teams have good strikers and they are usually on the attack .  He uses a mouth guard because i pay dental bills .  Our dentist seems to charge whether we show up or not .  He has a huge staff ( rather large ) .   Randy's okay as a dentist .  Expensive but okay .  Our doctor is Peggy Fujimora , a Mormon here in town .  She's hoalie ( a white person ) like many of us .  At least she isn't Christian Scientist like our State Dept. doctor in Dakar, Senegal , i. e., " Heal yourself ."  My barbers are Rose, Joe , Chandelle , Ku'la'i , and Roy at Jan's barber shop   Jan Sakoda's held court with the emperor and empress of Japan and has some stories to tell

Over the years it has gotten progressively cooler here .  When we first arrived about ten years ago it never got below 60 º at our house .  Last night it was 57 º F and this is still early in the winter season .  We do get snow on Mauna Kea ( 13,377 ft ) and it usually start o/a Nov 4 .  there again though , if you research how cold it get up there it has never really gotten below 27 º F .  The ocean keeps the temperature moderate .  The sun sets right at 6 pm now .  We are 20 º north ( like Havana m Cuba ) and it will set at 5:30 in the middle of winter .  Not bad .  Ironman ® this weekend over in Kona .  You can see people training all year long , riding bikes and such

Growing up i used to hate Novembers in New England .  It's all gray and raw and the snow hasn't fallen yet to blanket the woods and yards with white .  i was a winter kid , especially once i got good at skiing and ice skating and stuff .  i gave all that up when i joined the Peace Corps and went to Micronesia

Tuesday - At boy scouts tonight .  Caught up with some old friends , the Crabtress ( neé Watkins ) who live on Ma'ui now .  We saw them earlier this summer , also , at Becky's .  She ( Michelle ) is going through a divorce .  Two cute kids : Kaleb and Jakob . We've been friends since the first week we moved to Hawai'i and my wife Betsy was still alive

Speaking of recent deaths , Oct . 27th is the day my mom died last year  .  It wasn't much of a surprise and she lived a long and fruitful life ( 72 years of age ) , did pretty much what she wanted when she wanted to , got her way 93.2 % of the time , and passed away with her beloved grand daughter Becky at her side .  She kinda' fell off the cliff when she moved to Brooksby Village and never really got into the swing of things there .  We did , when we visited her , about five times over the years .  It wasn't so much her Alzheimer's  ( old timers ) that got her as it was was the years of smoking and drinking and her broken heart  .  She never could believe that her husband left her , after 4 5 years of marriage and good times , but he did .  Mary would ask us every year what he was up to and if he asked about her .  He didn't . He never did .  The nerve , huh ?  We don't plan any thing real special .  Lot's of deaths these days

i retain her ashes .  She wanted them dumped off the back of the Staten Island ferry some day under the Guinea Bridge ( the Verrazano Narrows Bridge connecting Brooklyn NY with Staten Island ) . Her brother Karl and dad Karl ( both of the same name ) helped build it and both died building bridges .  Her dad died when he fell off the Rhinebeck Bridge in NY and the brother whilst building the Tappen Zee Bridge .  A bunch of pipes fell on him off the back of a truck and terminally squished him .  These two bridges span the Hudson River to this day and we have travelled them on numerous occasions .  She had a third bother Kenny who died from lung cancer when i was 13 .  i was there for that .  i am surprised Mary didn't want her ashes scattered at the Pedersen family grave site in Rosendale , NY .  It's something to think about .  I've never taken the Staten Island ferry but did dance with Miss Norway under the Guinea Bridge once when i was 9 .  Long story .  We were coming back from Norway on a boat , the Stavangerfjord

We went down to the shore with the kids today .  They have the week and a Monday off for fall break .  Nothing much has changed over the past year although the place ( Po'o'hi'ki , Mackenzie , and Nathan Hale Parks )  are quite nice .  We should go more often .  My neighbor across the street ( Dean ) goes every day on his scooter and surfs .  he is trying to sell that house for some US$300k .  Good luck in this market .  If he can get it that means ours is worth at least that much ( our yard is much , much nicer and our house doesn't look like a fire brigade house ) but i know he won't .  He and his wifey Ruby are going through some tough times and they have another house right here in Lei'lani .  If they sell one they get a divorce is my guess .  She's been sleeping around .  They have no children .  She has dogs .  He surfs .   Each to his own , all for one, and every man for himself

The Leilani neighborhood is full of drama and always has been .  From the Crabtrees down the street , to the guy who crashed his motorcycle on our corner ( next door neighbor ) and died , to Jason Johnson's drunken suicide not long after landing his pick up truck in our front yard , to Mr. Earl's losing his leg to either a motorcycle accident or diabetes , to the most recent torching of the local crystal meth lab on the next block and the ashes actually falling on to our metal house roof .  Stuff like that .  Maryland was the same .  Leilani was a Hawai'ian Queen . a monarch , like England is , but 100 years ago

Lei'lan'i's the most desirable neighborhood on this side of the island , i.e.,  http://www.leilaniestates.org is anyway .  We have monthly movies in our pavilion every month .  The last one was , " The Pink Panther, "  starring Peter Sellar .  Our park is the best , the community hangs together for the most part and the louses leave or die , eventually .  Our streets are all paved unlike other subdivisions ( HPP , Hawai'ian Beaches , Nanawale ) and there problem are profound and seem intractable .  Haolie farmer Gary grows sells vegetables cheap here ( although he was beat up once last July by the aforementioned crystal meth addicts ) 

Hawaii is the second worse in the nation for crystal meth production and usage behind Missouri .  It's easy to spot the hard core users .  They look a lot like guys and girls who use steroids , al puffed up . They are all simply burning up their bodies and look skinny and hungry from the high speed rush it gives them .  That's what it does .  It's worse than crack cocaine because crack only lasts about a 1 / 2 hour to an hour and crystal meth can last for up to  6 hours .  Makes you feel like super woman or super man , they say .  You see these people everywhere and some are all burnt out on it and never the same again .  It fries their brain cells .  They gotta' always have it , too , so they learn to steal and beg . It's a pitiful sight .  It's everywhere here , even in this Mormon church we attend for boy scouts .  Pot ( pa'ka'lo'lo - Hawai'ian name ) is around , too .  If you drive any where you'll smell it much as one smells cigarette smoke .  Alcoholism ?  yup .  The Big Island's a large indian reservation with all attendant problems .  Obesity ?  You betcha' √  B I G indian and native population .  H U G E .  Ever watch Dog the Bounty Hunter ?  Ghetto Hawai'i .  Not many guns but mainly physical violence and car wrecks : things of that nature .  Love it here .  How could you not ?  l o l 

Weds.  The weather is gorgeous again .  Sunny crisp and cool : 75 º.  Michelle Watkins stopped by to pick up her son Jacob this morning who spent the night last night and they are off to Ma'ui where they are living , temporarily , as renters

Andrew and i are shooting BB guns today .  We set up those little green army men ( like the ones in Toy Story ® ) then proceed to destroy them with the BB guns .  It's super fun .  They go flying .  We generally decapitate them .  If they are only wounded we leave them on the line to do battle .  Out of a full battalion we've got six healthy ones left after about an hour of battle .   Luckily they don't shoot back .  They are shooting each other and we just take out targets of opportunity .  It's red against green .  Green are the Americans ( gringos ) and the red are the Germans ( krauts )

Dean , the surfer , is across the street mowing his rocks on his ride-em' mower .  When you don't have much of a lawn you chew up and spew rocks out and about .  Next door a Larry ( no relation ) was doing the same three days ago .  He has gained some weight on Claire's mower .  He was hitting all the rocks in the front yard .  He's Claire Sherman's b/f these days from Mountain View or Kurtistown .  Her real  husband ( Mr. Sherman , haolie ) committed suicide ≠ ten years ago .  Remember i was telling you about all the drama ?  Well , she doesn't like Ruby across the street , Dean's wifey , come to find out .  They had a spat about property , it seems , that prompted the people who built our house ( Tom and Jane Smith - that's their real names - owner builders ) to bail and move out Kalapana way and sell this house to us for $US215,000 way back when .  We sold in Maryland for the same price so it was a wash .  This place is newer ( 2002 vs. 1978 ) , is on a full acre ( vs. a 1/4 acre ) , and , best of all ), is located in Hawai'i .  We bought it on - line through Re\Max after Becky assured us it was okay

Ruby and Claire are Phillipinas and have been in battle for at least ten years or so .  Dean has a wicked temper , also .  He's a haolie and we get along okay .  DINKs : Dual Income , No Kids - he and Ruby .  They have little yappy little runty dogs .  We have chickens .  Claire has a live-in house sitter next door who looks like Yoko Ono and walks outside with an umbrella with dark glasses when the sun shines  .  I saw another Yoko Ono at soccer practice Monday .  Spittin ' image , she was 

Dean's watching us shoot guns .  Although he has no children he understands .  He's a guy .  Claire wouldn't .  If she was actually in her house she'd probably call the police .  She called the fire dept. on us once when when we were having a bar - b - cue .  i invited them in .  They said , " Mahalo ," but begged off .  They were on duty , after all .  Our fire department is professional ( Vs. volunteer ) and are on call 24 x 7 x 365 as are the local constabulary . Unionized .  Tenure takes seven years to acquire , me thinks .  That's how long it took me in the U S federal government to get my tenure

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