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halloween blog


Halloween blog

We like any holiday that features food or candy i.e., Halloween , Easter , Thanksgiving , Christmas , New Years , 4th of July , Memorial Day , Veterans' Day , Birthdays , etc.  Any excuse for a bar - b - cue

We have always hosted a Halloween party since like , forever .  The first one i remember on the mainland ( after Guatemala ) was in West Newbury MA in ≠ 1985 with the local families like the Tiernies and the Dimitrys and other people on or near Old Wharf Lane 01985 .   That was the one where Becky's hair caught on fire from the candle on the stairs going down to the spook house in the basement we set up

This particular Halloween marks the first anniversary of my mom Mary's death .  She used to always say she wanted to be buried above ground in a crypt with the door cracked open because , ( if she didn't like it ) , she could easily get out .  We have her ashes on the mantle in a fancy jar and some of the children are afraid of them .  i am suppose to drop them off the back of the Staten Island ferry under the Verazzano Narrows bridge .  i bought the jar when Betsy passed because we didn't know what she wanted to do with her remains , either . Betsy's back in Chuuk .  No one smokes any more so i don't have to worry about them putting cigarette butts or ashes in there with MM  .  She gave very specific instruction on what to do with them that i will not get into . " It's all water over the damn bridge ," to quote her and my wifey Betsy , who both had a tendency to mix metaphors .  Our favorite Betsy ' mixed metaphor ' was , " In one ear and out the other end . " 

Now that's ƒunny

To my mom's credit , she had a very refined and sharp , low key , and not cynical sense of humor .  She would get together with my aunt " Tante June " and they would get to laughing .  June would start off by saying something like . " Remember that time  . . ." and my mom would chime in with , " . .. on the subway ? " That would be enough to induce them both to severe laugh attacks .  Those who knew either one of them knew how to make them laugh , especially if you were from nearby Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn NYC u s a .  My cousin Carl and wifey Lois know what i am talking about as do Janice and Mike Kaslosky .  Even Janice and Carl and my sister Ellen and i have our own personal inside jokes such as , " Here's the bucket you wanted , " said Janice , once , in a play , when she was like 12 in Scituate , MA and Rosendale NY  

The strange things we remember , huh ? 

On the Dosh side we could recount similar stories but we weren't as close .  Flori-duh was always a long way from N E .  My dad tried hard , though , to visit them down south 

All Saints Day 2 0 1 1

Fun Scary .  After many years i can rightfully now say again that if i died tomorrow , i would die a happy man .  Don't get me wrong and wish me an untimely death , please .  We have tons of friends , we paid off the house , college loans , the 10 year old car ( many years ago , in fact ) , and are mostly debt free , fat , and happy

Not bad for an unemployed widower with two kids still living at home during the Great Mancession , huh ?

Hawai'ians are blissfully unaware of time and it's consequences ( if ignored ) .  In that regard they are like many Pacific Islanders .  Time isn't linear , it's event orientated .  It's almost like the Mexican " Mañana ."

Andrew and i have a little game to see if we can pick up on all the wrong date and time concordances in invitations and announcements .  Just yesterday the church placed Halloween in Sunday the 31 st , this year .  Hmmmm . It's on a Monday , Padré .  This always happens in about 1 / 2 the cases .  The other half go like this : change the date and time several times around so no one knows when it's r e a l l y  happening , then don't tell everyone , and just about anyone can truthfully say , " We didn't know that's when it was ." 

That's how soccer goes many times

Here's another good one we saw on a - c o l o r - poster in town : " H U G E Halloween Party on Saturday , the 29th ."  No address given .  Turns out it is at the southern most point in the u s a : South Point , Hawai'i .  The people who are sponsoring it are the same ones who bring us the ' Burning Man ,'

You know .  That's the best excuse to go out and get totally wasted in Nevada in the desert somewhere every year

The troops are coming home for Christmas .  We have a good President and first lady in Michelle Obama and they have two cute kids - Sasha and Melia - in the White House .  Didn't Teddy Kennedy give them a dog or something, also ? 

Reminds us of the last time there were little kids in the White House

That was under J F K in 1 9 6 1 ( Jimmy Carter and the Bushs do not count )

Thanksgiving - the un-commercialized holiday - next .  Becky's coming over with friends from Ma'ui .  Christmas should see Rob here , too .  Chinese and American New Years is when the fireworks go off and it usually rains in Hawai'i

Last Monday .  There was a H U G E double rainbow at soccer practice .  It ended at the restrooms .  Does that mean there is gold in there ?  The Pacific Islanders i know say that rainbows bring bad luck [ ostensibly because they bring rain and wind and waterspouts ] .  i saw a waterspout once in Chuuk , the first time i went to the island of Romolum .  It was a definite omen .  We stopped the boat to let it go by .  That was in 1 9 7 8 . Here in Hawai'i we get fresh news about Japan and the re building after the tsunami and earthshake - 8,000 dead , 3,000 missing .  It's easy to forget these things .  Turkey was minor compared to that .  They are both doing a better job of recovering than , let's say , Chernobyl or Three Mile Island

i don't know about the mainland but things are getting better here , albeit slowly

People are happier and friendlier than in past years and if their mortgage fell through they have simply abandoned their houses .  When you have relatives , friends , and a supportive church community around it's easier to do just that  

Plus , the weather cooperates  

In Peace Corps we used to call it subsistence affluence .  You need or want to eat  ?  Go pick it off the tree , out of the ground or go fish for it .  Like everywhere else , when the going gets tough , the tough get going

At Boy Scouts we are experienced a practice Halloween party for tweens ( 9 - 12 year olds ) with some teens mixed in , too .  People are simply too shy in Hawai'i to do what is expected of them .  Between reticent islanders and the general ' save face ' attitude of Asians it can be somewhat comical at times .  That's what makes it interesting , unusual , and fun .  Something different every day .  Speaka the English ?

Thursday : Exciting World Series games .  The Cards come back in the bottom of the ninth √  Doesn't get any better than this .  The Colorado Rockies played in the snow at the beginning of the season and this game just went on for 4.5 hours .  The Dead Sox and the Tankees are nowhere to be seen .  No one uses steroids any more ( think : Barry Bonds ) .  The players are simply fat .  Porkers
. more to follow :)

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.  Becky's shop got hit by a pick up truck  http://www.wingshawaii.com  11.09.16    . . ...  

Tfall blog 2 0 1 1

Fall is here , too .  11.09.23 Friday

Last fall i got the call that my mom had passed and i was appointed executor to the estate on Sept 27th .  This was after June 2 0 1 0 's untimely passing of my friend Al Maxwell III .  In the meantime ( and on 9 / 26 ) we remembered the death of my wife Betsy five years ago .  i suppose this is the part of growing older they do not warn you about , all the deaths .  They take their toll on your psyche .  If you've had good relations with everyone you are simply left with fond memories and such . i don't know what happens if they were bad people or enemies

Our community has started to host movie nights on Fridays .  It's fun .  They are held out doors in our big pavilion and people bring popcorn and drinks and other friends .   i am talking about Leilani Estates .  Pahoa itself is too large to do things like this although we have a huge public swimming pool that is well maintained .  Pahoa is a throwback to the late 1960's and not all the good things either .  Things seem to be getting better around here , slowly .  Hawai'i has the highest crystal meth usage rate in the nation but , and on the other hand , we have the best longevity rate , too .  Go figger

At our end of the BIg Island it's pretty much ghetto Hawai'i with overcrowded living conditions ,  squalor , attendant problems , and some genuine poverty , mental illness , and ignorance .  Some people you talk with on the street can not understand you and you , them .  It has always reminded us of a big indian reservation with much smoking , drinking , violence and drug use prevalent and right out in the open

There's not much one can do about it

There is a strong sense of local pride , ( much of it a false bravado ), and no one likes being told how they should live their life .  Freedom .   Luckily it's a big island ( about the size of Connecticut ) with only 150,000 people and an equal or greater number of feral animals running around .  You can pretty much  tell who the crystal meth users are .  They are always wired or want to be so . They tend to look like amped up steroid users and fearless fighters , at least the guys do .  Many are quite skinny .  i guess the drug burns your body fat and brain up

You'd think it would be all laid back and " howzit bra' " but it's not .  There are so many car accidents here , too .  Guns and knives aren't a problem but it seems as if a lot of people are out to simply pick a fight .  We can not be bothered with the scene .  Homeless are quite prevalent .  every so often they take al the mainland homeless and put 'em a plane and send them back to California and Oregon .  The jungle hides many destitute and mentally ill individuals .  It never gets all that cold at night and this is not Oa'hu , where most Hawai'ians live and the tourists are .  Many of the Hawai'ians move often to other islands and other relatives locales , especially when there is a death in the family ( ohana ) .  They'll abandon houses and simply leave .  It's weird given that the median house price in Hawai'i is at least $450.000 

Each island has it's own character .  This is true world wide , also . Manhattan is an island as is England and Japan

On a different note , the weather has turned beautiful 

It's like July now , frankly , with sunny , breezy days and tropical rainy nights .  The harvest full moon looks great tossed upon stormy skies .  Crops are in now : fruit and vegetables .  We eat salmon salads in avocados with melons and fruits or sherbet on top .  How's that ?  Smoothies are great .  i like adding an egg for protein .  Sometimes steaks go on sale at the store so i stock up for bar - b - cues .  Wal - Mart ® has gone green and their food selection is pretty darn good especially if one is on a budget .  Sure beats the Target ® .  i sit outside to pen this and am viewing a rainbow to the east as the sun sets in the west

My cardinals are back and change is in the air with the sun setting further to the south these days .  The souther cross is up at night .  As the nights become coolers they become clearer and out here you can see everything .  We've got yellow canaries this year , too , in addition to the tropical finches and mynah birds .  i caught and released more than 30 mongeese this summer , a new record .  This is what happens when your property abuts the jungle , lava tubes , and craters

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