William Steel 1773 - <1830

William was the second of 8 children of John & Sarah Steel, all baptised at Donnington. However, he was the first to survive infancy. He was baptised on 26 April 1773.

On 14 Feb 1799 the marriage took place of William Steel & Jane Hopkins, both “of this Parish” at Chichester, St Peter the Great (Chichester Cathedral).

Jane Hopkins was baptised at New Fishbourne on 26 Feb 1776, the last of 4 children of Richard and Jane who were baptised there between 1765 & 1776. (There may have been other children baptised elsewhere earlier because Richard & Jane had married at New Fishbourne on 11 Oct 1760). David, also baptised on 26 Feb 1776, was buried on 7 Aug 1777 (twin or older brother?).
Jane’s parents were both buried at New Fishbourne: Jane on 18 Feb 1807 and Richard on 8 Dec 1813 aged 79.

William, son of William and Jane Steel, was baptised at New Fishbourne on 12 May 1799.
Sarah, daughter of William & Jane Steel was baptised at Bosham on 29 Nov 1801.

By 1823, the children were living in Westbourne , but whether William was still alive then we don’t know, only that he died before 1830 when his wife remarried.

On 24 Jan 1830, at Westbourne, James Binstead (W) married Jane Steel (W) by Banns.

(Phillis, the first wife of James Binstead of Prinsted was buried at Westbourne on 27 Apr 1829. They had married at Westbourne on 2 Jan 1813).

In the 1841 Census of Westbourne, James & Jane Binstead, both 60, were at Prinsted. James died in Q1 1847 (Westbourne 7 462) and Jane died a year later (Fareham 7 79).