Henry Langworthy 1786/7 - 1845/51

Henry, the 6th of 9 children born between 1779 & 1793 to Charles & Mary Langworthy, was baptised at St Mary’s Steps, Exeter on 12 Sept 1787.

He left Exeter in 1798 to serve his apprenticeship to James Cox of the parish of Kingswear, Fisherman.

The Indenture, dated 2 Oct 1798, witnessed that:

“The Governor, Deputy Governor, Assistants and Guardians of the Poor of the City and County of Exon, have put, placed, and bound, and by these Presents do put, place, and bind Henry Langworthy, a poor child of the Parish of St Mary Major within the City and County of Exon, being about the age of thirteen years, to be an Apprentice to James Cox of the Parish of Kingswear in the County of Devon, Fisherman, with him to dwell and serve, from the day of the date hereof, until he shall attain his Age of Twenty-one Years, during all which said Term the said Apprentice his said  Master faithfully shall serve in all lawful Business according to the best of his Power, Skill and Ability; and honestly, orderly, and obediently, in all Things demean and behave himself towards his said Master and all his Family, during the said Term, And the said James Cox doth hereby for himself, his Executors and Administrators, covenant and agree, to and with the Governor, or Deputy Governor, Assistants and Guardians, and their Sussessors, in Manner following, that is to say, that the said James Cox shall and will teach and instruct, or cause the said Apprentice to be taught and instructed, in the Art or Business of a Fisherman and also during all the Term aforesaid, find, provide, and allow, unto the said Apprentice meet, competent, and sufficient Meat, Drink, Apparel, Washing and Lodging, and all Things fit and necessary for an Apprentice, as well in Sickness as in Health, and so provide for the said Apprentice that he be not any Way chargeable to the said Governor, Deputy Governor, Assistants, and Guardians, and their successors, or the said Parish of St Mary Major or to any other Parish or Precinct within the said City and County, or to any Inhabitant thereof, during the said Term. Provided always nevertheless, that in Case of the Death of the said James Cox during the Continuance of the said Apprenticeship, the said Covenent herein before contained, on the part of the said James Cox, his Executors and Administrators, for the Maintenance and Provision of the said Apprentice, shall continue and be in Force for no longer Time than three Calendar Months next after his Death, according to the Provisions of an Act passed in the Thirty-second Year of the Reign of King GEORGE the Third, intituled, “An Act for the further Regulation of Parish Apprentices” And also that the said James Cox, his Executors and Administrators, shall and will, at the End of the said Apprenticeship, allow and deliver to the said Apprentice double Apparel of all Sorts, good and new (that is to say) one good new Suit for Holy Days, and one for Working Days.”

Henry married in 1816, giving his name as William Henry Langworthy.

Marriage at Brixham on 24 March 1816.

William Henry Langworthy of this Parish, single man and Mary Anne Gregory of this Parish, singlewoman, were married in this Church by Banns, in the presence of Phillip Farley and John Cole.

Mary Anne Gregory was born in 1794 and baptised at Kingswear on 9 June 1794, described in the Parish Register as daughter of Mary Gregory. (no mention of Emanuel Gregory who had married her mother Mary Cox at Kingswear on 27 Dec 1784. Their first child Mary Ann only lived a few months, baptised at Kingswear on 26 Nov 1788 and buried there 18 Apr 1789). Mary Gregory married John Cole in 1798.

It seems likely that Henry’s bride was the niece or granddaughter of James Cox to whom he had been apprenticed.

Baptism’s at Kingswear:

Jan 13 1817 Henry Charles, son of Henry and Mary Ann  Langworthy, Mariner.
Feb 8 1820 Charles Henry, son of William Henry and Mary Ann Langworthy, Mariner. (buried at Kingswear 2 Jan 1830).

Jan 29 1822 Mary Ann, dau of Henry and Mary Ann Langworthy, Brixham. Mariner.

Dec 24 1826 Benjamin Thomas, son of Henry and Mary Ann Langworthy, Kingswear. Mariner.

July 12 1829 Jane, dau of Henry & Mary Ann Langworthy, Hoodown, Brixham. Mariner.

Dec 21 1834 Anne Elizabeth, dau of Henry and Mary Ann Langworthy, Brixham, Mariner.

1841 Census: at Higher Street, Kingswear, Mary Ann Langworthy, 45, Y. with Mary Ann 19, Benjamin T 14, Elizabeth Ann 7.

The last record of Henry (or William Henry) Langworthy alive that we have found is his Merchant Navy Registration in January 1845. (National Archives at Kew, Merchant Navy Records):

Ticket No. 69583 issued at Glasgow, 21 Jan 1845           Henry Langworthy, age 59, born at Exeter, Devon 24th day of …… 1786.  Capacity: Mate.  Height: 5′4”.  Hair: grey.  Complexion: fresh.  Eyes: black.  Marks: mole on left arm. First went to sea an apprentice 21 Jan 1803.  When unemployed resides at Dartmouth.   Served in RN: No.   Been in foreign service:  No.

In 1851 Census, at Mount Pleasant, Kingswear, Mary Ann Langworthy, was shown as Mariner’s Widow, and with her was her daughter-in-law Sarah Langworthy, 29, Mariner’s Wife, born Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Henry’s widow, Mary Ann died 31 Jan 1853, aged 56, and was buried at Kingswear on 4 Feb 1853. The stone marking the grave also commemorated her husband William Henry Langworthy drowned at Padstow, and their daughter Mary Ann, wife of William Gillard, who had died on Jan 16 and was buried on 19 Jan 1853.

Part of the headstone was easy to read but parts were very worn and the only part of the date that we could decypher was Feb. so he could have died in any year between 1845 & 1851.




FEB ? 18?? AGED 5? YEARS




JAN ?1 1853 AGED ?7 YEARS