Henry Langworthy 1682 - 1748/53

Henry Langworthy was baptised on 8 Oct 1682 at Exeter Holy Trinity, the first of 4 children of Henry and Mary Langworthy.

The earliest information we have is the marriage of his father, Henry Langworthy and Mary Gregory on 2 July 1680 at Heavitree, then a rural village outside Exeter though now a part of the city.

Baptisms of children of Henry and Mary Langworthy at Exeter Holy Trinity:-

8 Oct 1682 Henry
13 Jun 1684 Ann

19 Sept 1686 John

13 Jan 1688/9 Elizabeth

Henry was a Fuller (according to his son Henry’s Indenture of Apprenticeship).

Henry was buried at Holy Trinity on 9 Feb 1689/90. (The burial of Mary Langworthy at Holy Trinity on 16 Oct 1694 might have been that of his widow, or she might have remarried).

His Administration is indexed in Devon Wills & Administrations, but the documents were destroyed by bombing in WW2.

From the records of the Company of Weavers, Fullers and Shearmen, Henry Langworthy was apprenticed on 7 Jan 1694/5 to John Rice, Fuller, and Elizabeth his wife. (ref 58/7/9/3/3).

The Indenture is in the Devon Record Office. The term of the apprenticeship was 8 years.

On 5 March 1722 Henry Langworthy, Fuller, apprentice of John Rice, became a Freeman of the City of Exeter (from the Devon & Cornwall Record Society ‘Freemen of Exeter 1266 – 1967′.

Later references:

On 31 July 1727 Christopher Burnett, apprentice of Henry Langworthy, Fuller. To be admitted by fine of 10s 6p 25 July 1727, AB 1684 – 1731 p617.

On 6 Jan 1735 Henry Langworthy junior, apprentice of Henry Langworthy, Fuller.

On 3 Sept 1753 Charles Langworthy, Fuller, son of Henry Langworthy, by succession).

No marriage yet found.

Baptisms of children of Henry Langworthy at Exeter, St Mary Steps:-

5 Jul 1719  Walter
1 Jan 1726/7 
Charles, married 1748 (St Edmunds), buried 1771
21 Jun 1728  Mary

20 Oct 1728  John, buried
22 Jan 1732/3
30 Dec 1730  Henry, buried
8 July 1736 or 16 July 1743
30 Sept 1733  John

11 Aug 1735  Ann

5 Feb 1737/8 William, buried 14 Aug 1741

27 July 1740  Elizabeth, buried 29 Mar 1741

24 Mar 1744  Mary

Baptisms at St Mary Steps only show father’s name and we are uncertain whether all the children belong to the same Henry. Indications are that there are two families are the two baptisms in 1728 and two baptisms of Mary without a burial in between.

We do know that Henry, the Fuller, was the father of Charles, as Charles succeeded his father as a Freeman in 1753.

However, we have not found a burial for Henry in 1753, only one in 1748/9 (but perhaps Charles was not old enough to succeed his father then?).

Burial at St Mary Steps of Henry Langworthy on 22 March 1748/9.