Charles Langworthy 1726 - 1771

Charles, the son of Henry Langworthy was baptised at St Mary Steps on 1 Jan 1727.

The Marriage Bond & Allegation are at Devon Record Office in Exeter, dated 30 Apr 1748.

Charles Langworthy of the City of Exon Fuller and Thomas Burridge of the same Taylor were bound in the sum of Two Hundred Pounds. The above bounden Charles Langworthy and Mary Hollet of the Holy Trinity in Exeter Spinster may lawfully marry together, to be openly solemnised in the face of the Church of St Mary Steps or the Holy Trinity in Exeter between the hours of eight and twelve of the Clock in the Forenoon.

On the next day, 1 May 1748, Charles Langworthy and Mary Hollet were married at St Edmunds. (not at one of the Churches stipulated!).

Charles Langworthy, fuller, son of Henry Langworthy, by succession became a Freeman of the City of Exeter on 3 Sep 1753 (and was succeeded by his son Henry on 10 Aug 1771).

Baptisms of children of Charles Langworthy at St Mary Steps:

5 Mar 1748/9 Henry, m 1774
31 Mar 1755
Charles, m 1778

Burials at St Mary Steps:

Charles Langworthy 17 May 1771.(Mary Langworthy 18 Jun 1785 and 14 Sep 1789)
Henry Langworthy, fuller, son of Charles Langworthy, fuller, succeeded his father as a Freeman on 10 Aug 1771.

On 22 Sep 1771, Banns were called for Henry Langworthy & Margaret L—, but no marriage.

Henry LANGWORTHY married Mary STONE at St Lawrence on 9 Feb 1774.

Children of Henry & Mary Langworthy baptised at St Mary Steps:

23 Nov 1774 John Stone
10 Apr 1777 Ann Collier

Burial at St Mary Steps:

Henry Langworthy 20 Jun 1783
Henry Langworthy 20 May 1784
   William Langworthy of Holy Trinity, fuller, an apprentice of Charles Langworthy deceased, became a Freeman on 8 Sep 1780.