Bertie Benjamin Thomas Langworthy 1884 - 1953

Bertie, the younger son of Henry & Mary Ann Langworthy, was born on 4 October 1884, 22 months after his brother Harry.

The Register of Baptisms at St Mary, Parish Church of Portsea, has the Baptism of Harry George Arthur on 4 Feb 1883 showing their abode as 14 Amelia Street. There is no entry for Bertie Benjamin Thomas in St Mary’s Register. The expected time is between the end of one Register and the beginning of the next, at the time when the new Church was being built.

The 1891 census shows the family at 19 Hereford Street. The enumerator got the ages of the two boys mixed up and entered Bertie B 8 and Harry G 6, both Scholars, born Portsmouth.

In the 1901 census, the family were at 65 Princes Street, Mile End, Portsmouth. Bertie Langworthy age 16 and brother Harry age 18 were each described as Shipbuilding Worker Apprentice, worker, born Portsmouth.

Both boys married at All Saints, Portsmouth in 1907: Harry on 30 March and Bertie on 3 October.

Bertie Benjamin Thomas Langworthy 22 B Shipwright, 65 Princes Street, father Henry George Langworthy, Shipwright.
Ethel Louise Locock 23 S, 65 Princes Street, father William George Locock, sailor, in the presence of Hery (Henry or Harry?) George Langworthy and Alice Eveline Langworthy (Harry’s wife).

Bertie & Ethel lived at 65 Princes Street with his parents until 1915, when they were expecting their third child. They then lived at 14 Toronto Road.

They had 5 daughters:

Dorothy Ethel, born 20 Jan 1909, baptised at All Saints on 11 Feb 1909. 

Phyllis May, born 31 Dec 1910, baptised at All Saints on 26 Jan 1911.

Lydia Mary, born 29 Feb 1916, baptised at St Stephens on 23 Mar 1916.

Mabel Elizabeth, born 2 Sep 1918, baptised at St Stephens on 19 Sep 1918.

Nora Olive, born 13 Feb 1922, baptised at St Stephens not found in the Register.

The girls were known as Doll, Phyll, Babs, Mabel & Nora.

Bertie spent his whole working life as a Shipwright in HM Dockyard at Portsmouth, except for a period around the end of The Great War when he worked at the Dockyard at Rosythe, but Ethel and the girls remained at 14 Toronto Road. Bertie & Ethel lived at 14 Toronto Road until 3 Sep 1939 when they moved to Peacehaven, 39 Bell Road, Wymering, (just north of Portsmouth but south of Portsdown Hill).

Bertie continued to work at the Dockyard until he retired through ill health on 4 May 1945 at the age of 60 years 5 months.

Bertie died at the age of 68 on 20 April 1953 at Royal Portsmouth Hospital and was cremated at Southampton Crematorium. Ethel lived for another 4 years and died on 14 Jun 1957 at the age of 73. Her body and her husband’s ashes were buried in Milton Cemetery, Portsmouth on 20 June 1957.