I write audio software using Native Instruments Reaktor. Creations below!


Processed is designed for real-time use, to transform and beautify a live audio input (or pre-recorded samples) via processing, looping, pitch shifting and layering.
my new album was created entirely with this ensemble.
Kris Keogh - Processed Harp Works, Volume Two

ZZAAPP Beatbox
Over-complicated Drum Machine...

Keymashing drum machine/sample.player looper/FX for Reaktor. Free download for Reaktor users here

Super Happiness Beatbox Mayhem - coming soon for iPhone/iPad...


I write audio processing software using Native Instrument's Reaktor.
I just wanted to share these, cause lots of people (tehn, julien caraz,
martin brinkmann and ingo zobel) have written amazing software that i
 cant live without. time to give back some love.

Click on the links below to download my creations!
(word of warning, you need to be a registered reaktor user to download them though...)

2011 - GoBox Mega
I've updated Reaktor's classic GoBox drum machine, adding a 64-step sequencer,
plus event table sequencing and pitch variation for the beat sync modules.
If this means nothing to you, don't worry, this translates to 'AWESOME DRUM MACHINE!'

2011 - Invert The Universe - Real-time FX processor for beautifying incoming audio.
Effect, buffer, layer and glitch source audio into lush, evolving soundscapes.

2007 - loveandloops - deluxe sample re-looper render any loop more beautiful,
weirder, longer/shorter or unrecognisable. visual interface allows recognition
of audio loops by geometric patterns. love and loops big .

2003 - ball joy deluxe melodic sample beautifier a less refined version of loveandloops.... ball joy deluxe big