Kris Keogh - Just Before Forever
Taken from 'Processed Harp Works Volume 2', released on 7 April 2017 via Provenance.

Laptop Destroyer - Wizard Thrasher
Video by Kris. Post by Utsumi Genki

Kris Keogh - You Sat, Looking Out, But Couldn't Begin To Explain
From Processed HArp Works, Volume 1
Video by Debbie Hudson

1000 Monsters! Art Project!

Super Happiness Beatbox Mayhem is nearly ready!

The first single from my new harp album!

Red Plum & Snow played a gig with very big balloons.

We have baloons!

I painted a wall.

I went and saw Kreator.

I pretend i'm prince sometimes.

i pretend my nintendo is a drum machine

i diligently practice harp

'This girl can draw'. This chick from England got me to do up some sketches and then I never heard from her again. Lame.

'Thieving Aliens' art. A nasty alien steals all the cool stuff from Earth after distracting the animal defense system with delicious foods.

. 'Press Eject' art. A picture of the Sydney band Press Eject.

. 'Brooklyn to Bondi' art.

. 'Space battle' art.

. 'Darwin Life' art.