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Kris Keogh is an Australian musician and producer from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. He is intent making the most beautiful noise possible, any way he can.

That could mean writing crushing bass and beats for his Laptop Destroyer project, making hyper-glitched processed harp works under his own name, or by designing his own custom audio software using Reaktor.

Influenced as much by Debussy as Atari Teenage Riot, his classical training sits happily at odds with his 15 years in the electronic underground.

Keogh runs ZZAAPP Records, a bass music label and, when not working on his own projects, is in demand for his audio production and mixing expertise.


Kris is a Co-Founder and a board member of Happy Yess Community Arts Inc. (2006-peresent)


Selected Press Quotes:


MAGNETIC MAG: 'A slap in the face to the mainstream.'

HOWZER, UK: 'It's fkn massive.'

RICO ADJRUN, ABC RADIO NATIONAL: 'Back at his unyielding, bass blasting best.'

HOW THE BODY WORKS: 'Kris Keogh’s latest album is amazing and you should get it. My favourite desert noisecore harp player FINALLY does hip hop like you’re supposed to. Give him money.'

For KRIS KEOGH - Processed Harp Works Vol. 1:

FLASHLIGHTTAG“It sounds absolutely wild. Strange. Beautiful.”

REVIEWS NT“Kris has beautifully created his own world of noise.”

COME INTO LAND: "Keogh’s sampling gives every moment of disconnectedness a heavy emotional charge"


Selected Discography:

Laptop Destroyer

2014 - 303 EP

2014 - ZZAAPP Beats Vol. 1

Kris Keogh

2011 - Processed Harp Works, Volume 1

2009 - Analog Transmission 009

Red Plum and Snow

2010 - Brightest Beginnings LP

2010 - Small Songs EP

2010 - New Weird Australia #5 Compilation

2009 - 20 Power Hits EP


2009 - Goodbye LP

2007-Hearts Blast Graves EP

2006 - Chrysanthemum LP

2001 - Ilura LP

2000 - Shelfstacking LP

1999 - Blip LP


Selected Supports:

Oval (Ger)

Diplo (USA)

Leafcutter John (UK)

Freq Nasty (UK)

The Mad Professor (UK)

Francisco Lopez (Spain)

The Herd, Regurgitator, Dsico, TZU.


Kris is also in a lo-fi bedroom guitar project called Red Plum and Snow with his best friend Gretchen.


Visual Art Shows:

Wobble Horror!
(solo show)
Excube, Osaka, Japan

1000 Monsters!
(solo show)

Happy Yess, Darwin

Joy In Repetition (solo show)
Art Warehouse, Darwin

Red Hand Prints Retrospective
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Happy Yess 5th Birthday Poster Retrospective
Happy Yess, Darwin

Territory Time
Headquarters, High St, Northcote, Melbourne, Australia, Next Wave Festival.

Further Than Forever (solo show)
Discobeans, Hight St Northcote, Melbourne, Australia

New works on Skateboard decks by Kris Keogh and David Collins
Upcycling Gallery, Newcastle, Australia

License to Confuse
Works by Kris Keogh and Sam Tupou
Happy Yess, Darwin, Australia.

New Work by Kris Keogh and Sam Tupou
Mofo Gallery, Cairns, Australia.

Kris Keogh - Art Show! (solo show)
Happy Yess,  Darwin, Australia.

クリス キーオ (solo show)
New Works by Kris Keogh.
Taisho Perori, Osaka, Japan.

Art>Harp Project
Custom order art series, 50 Artworks
Osaka, Japan.

Gallery Sometimes
Mural Project, Darwin, Australia

Trank X
DVAA, Darwin, Australia

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