Hey Kris, what is it that you actually do again?
Fair enough question. I'll try and explain!

I make beats and bass music as LAPTOP DESTROYER

I'm a visual artist

I operate ZZAAPP HQ, a music mixing and production business

I design online fashion at PAOM and Redbubble

Other Projects (i don't get enough time to do)

5 Jan 2018
I'm heading to Melbourne next month for some gigs.
Beats at this one>>>

15 December 2017
The second annual Provenance free label compilation, ‘Marks Of Provenance II’. Features exclusive, unreleased music from Aphir, KAIA, Medicine Voice, Arrom, Lortica, Kris Keogh, Shoeb Ahmad and Brute Canon. GET IT HERE:

12 July 2017
Harp Album reviewed in the Guardian

14 April 2017
Processed is the Reaktor ensemble I made and then made my new album with.
I've teamed up with music tech blog Zeroes and Ones to bring you this
indepth web tutorial on using Processed here:

7 April 2017

Phew, that was a few years work. Glad to see it finally out in the world.
iTunes: http://apple.co/2oKVF8f
Bandcamp: https://kriskeogh.bandcamp.com/
Juno: http://bit.ly/2p7v95K

3 April 2017
Blog Love!
Ask.Audio have featured my Processed software over here!

2 April 2017
Lovely Deb made a video for my new single 'Just Before Forever', from Processed Harp Works, Volume 2. All filmed in Japan, check it!

31 March 2017
I've just released my latest Reaktor Ensemble called Processed. It's a real-time audio beautifier - FX + pitchshifting + layering + multi-looping. Get it from the Reaktor User Library here! The software was made to make my new harp album, if that makes sense!

27 March 2017
Kris Keogh - Processed Harp Works, Volume 2
It's officially out 7th April 2017 thru Provenance.
Listen / Pre-order here!


17 Dec 2016
Started a new online fashion store in conjunction with Print All Over Me,  here. Big, bold hoodies. Check!

9 Dec 2016
I've got a brand new processed harp track on the new compilation album from my label, Marks of Provenance, I. Check the track, "Untold", here!

15 September 2016
NEW HARP ALBUM FINISHED!! Won't be out till next year on Provenance Records, but IT'S DONE!! yayay!!

17 Feb 2016
Went to Robin Fox's new M.E.S.S. Foundation today and donated my circuitbent TR-707 to the collection. That place is rad. Check it out!

2 February 2016
New Art!
I'm having an exhibition in Brisbane in April at Polygone Cowboy Gallery. Here's a sneak preview of stuff i've been working on...

15 January 2016
Just inked a deal for my next harp album with Provenance Records. STOKED!
21 September 2015
I've just set up a website to sell the visual artworks I've made this year. Some were exhibited in my recent shows in Osaka and Darwin, others are new. Its all happening over here:

10 September 2015
After 4 months away, made it back home to my studio for some lockdown time to make the next batch of music! Next up is some nasty bangers made entirely with the new Teenage Engineering micro drum machines, the PO-12 and PO-14. Small enough to fit in your pocket, with a big enough sound to destroy nearly anything! Editing away in Live now, previews soon...

29 August 2015
Reviews: Laptop Destrotyer - ZZAAPP BEATS VOL. 2!
"Intoxicating, brutal beats straight out of Arnhem Land. Which is a sentence I of course anticipated writing at some point in my life. Has all the intensity and wit of stuff like Death Grips’ instrumentals, and for some reason reminds me of playing Tony Hawk as a boy and feeling like a total badass." (Joe Saxby - 4ZZZ)

Other random comments:
"Dancefloor Destruction", "Badass", "...My God", "Killer".

2 August 2015
Check it out, I did the 3D vector animation and Japanese video artist Utsumi Genki did the post processing. Nasty, noisy bass music!

21 July 2015
New LAPTOP DESTROYER E.P. out today!!
ZZAAPP Beats Vol. 2 is done, four nasty bass driven bangers especially for you.

8 July 2015
New EP / New art show!!
Got a new Laptop Destroyer EP ready to roll, out 22 July 2015.
Linx soon...
Also, having an art show in Osaka on the 25th July. Yay!

12 May 2015
ZZAAPP004 is out!
ZZAAPP Records latest emission!
Kyoto's Limited Toss drops an EP of jungle-infused warehouse bangers!
It's here! I did the artwork too!

23 April 2015
The A to Z of Bass Music
I'm presenting a bass music lecture at Wide Open Space:
Here's the playlist cheat sheet! yay!

New ZZAAPP Records website + the next release!
Next release coming 12th May 2015, Kyoto's Limited Toss with a jungle-infused warehouse techno EP!

Upcoming gigs:

Fri 8th May 2015- MEGABASS! - Happy Yess - Darwin
Yep, partying like its old times, live and DJ sets from me and Sime! 9pm, $10 on the door. Event here

1-3 May 2015  - Wide Open Space Festival - Alice Springs
I'm doing a Laptop Destroyer sat Saturday night, a processed ambient set Sunday morning and giving my 'A to Z of Bass Music' lecture too! Come party, info here

10 March 2015
THUMP stuff collected
The THUMP crew have kindly given me a page where all my writing goes!
Check it out here

24 January 2015
ZZAAPP Homewares are go!
Yep, if you need throw pillows, tote bags, phone cases or even duvet covers, we've got you sorted.  Just GO HERE!

17 January 2015
I've started writing as a freelancer for Vice THUMP about cool electronic music stuff. First article is here!

15 January 2015
Yep, they are coming. Watch this space. More news real soon!

1 December 2014
I'm super proud to release my new EP today. Its called '303' and was made enitrely with a Devilfish-modded Roland TB-303!
 Available thru all online digital stores now, or get it from the ZZAAPP Bandcamp and get a bonus track with it!

19 November 2014
I'm launching my new Laptop Destroyer EP '303' with a party!
Bass music. Noize. Warehouse Party.

*Laptop Destroyer '303' EP LAUNCH ( Kris Keogh, from Arnhem Land, NT, with lotsa noisy acid electronics!) 3rd release on ZZAAPP Records, preview here:

*Jeffrey The Lion (Sounds from the Deep)

*Endgame Adam Kennedy, Jola La and Shane Fahey's new outfit)

*Abortifacient - with a New All-Hardware Acid Noise Set!

*Gratutitous late night MEGABASS rinseout session.

*Special guest DJ's aplenty


$5 on the door, 8 till late, BYO

Come party.

21 November 2014
The Underdog Pub Co.186 Brunswick St, The Valley.
Fri 21st Nov, 8pm, $8 on the door.
9.50 Slacksmiths
9.10 Julia R. Anderson & the Johnnys
8.30 Andrew Tuttle

9 November 2014
New LAPTOP DESTROYER EP premiere and interview, tonight from 11pm on Triple J's Sound Lab. Big ups to Fernella for making it happen! yay!

6 October 2014
Live Paint in OSAKA!
Next week (11th October) I'm doing Live Paint with YSK and Thai Chang at the SoundGram ITAL TEK gig at Triangle in Amemura. 20 acts, 3 floors, should be loads of fun!

22 September 2014
Playing a live set  along with Dibots and CAP48, its on 5th October, yay!

Laptop Destroyer(Kris Keogh)
宜しくお願いしますm(_ _)m
大阪市天王寺区玉造元町4-8 2F お酒といろいろ バンコ

10/5 (day) PM please let me from the 7:00.
Will you cast laptop Destroyer (Kris Keogh) divots CAP48! Admission is free come 1 come ~ ☆ thank you m (_ _) m original town 4, Osaka, tennoji Ku Tamatsukuri-8 2F, alcohol and various Banco

17 September 2014
Hyped by Vice THUMP!
Vice magazine just did a feature on me and ZZAAPP records. Check it out!

2 August 2014
New Processed Harp Work Premiere on fbi!
Get ready! On 7th August at 9pm, i'm dropping a new 15 minute long processed harp piece called 'Hidden'. I've been working on it for the last few years and i'm very stoked to be sharing it with the Ears Have Ears crew from fbi Radio. Respect.

10 June 2014
ZZAAPP Beatbox!!!
For the last few months I've been building a software drum machine/midi emitter which is gonna be called ZZAAPP Beatbox. It works, just need to tidy it up and write the operation manual and it should be done. Stoked!!! More info once its released...

8 April 2014
The ZZAAPP label site is up and running! Yay! Check it out!

6 March 2014
ZZAAPP002 is out!
ZZAAPP Records is on a roll! Sparkle Gang's Bring You Back is ZZAAPP002.
I was lucky enough to do production for Mel Stringer's new Sparkle Gang single. It's a gorgeous, sweet song given some Laptop Destroyer polish!
Out now digitally via all online music stores, or better still, buy it direct from the ZZAAPP Bandcamp page!

17 Feb 2014
ZZAAPP Records is Go!
I've started a little record label to release awesome electronics. First release out today is my new E.P.    LAPTOP DESTROYER - ZZAAPP Beats Vol. 1
'Like a chainsaw ripping apart a million bouncey balls'
Kris Keogh's latest incarnation drops four bass-heavy, low-tempo bangers including a collaboration with Evelyn Ida Morris (aka Pikelet!)

Upcoming Gigs:

Megabass Vol. 37
9pm Sat 30th Nov 2013
Happy Yess, 12 Smith St, Darwin, $15 with E.P., $10 without.
My new beats and bass project's first release! Sime is DJing too and Warlu the Beatboxer is popping in for a guest set! See ya there.

TOEKEO - WEASEL FACE (for Tony Abbott) out now!
Highly disrespectful political hiphop,telling our PM he's a dick.

OVAL + Kris Keogh (Harp Set)
8pm Wed 6th Nov 2013
Happy Yess - $20 at the door

The German glitch poineer starts his first ever Australian tour in Darwin! And i get to play the support slot. Am Hyped!

Fri 25th October
MEGABASS vol. 36 - Sime's back!
10pm $10  Happy Yess

17 Sept 2013 -
New Release!
Get this remix I did for Simo Soo's new album Cryptozoology!


Megabass Vol.35  - FREE!!
Fri 20th September, 10pm, Happy Yess, Darwin.
Let's keep the vibe from last month's utter mayhem!!
Your monthly dose of underground bass music, the fucked up shit, not toy-pony-riding lame-o club rubbish.
Amens, subbass pressure and a party attitude.
Bring the noize. Lets rinse the election out of existence.

*Special guest TBA*

Megabass Vol.34  - FREE!!
Fri 23rd August, 9pm, Happy Yess, Darwin.
Yep, could this be the biggest Megabass yet. I'm playing, plus super special guests MANGOHIG (that's James from Sietta/Damn Moroda) plus freestyle MC action and a debut DJ set from MONK (Culture Connect). And it's free!

Megabass Vol.33 - Live Edition!
Sat 27th July, 9pm, Happy Yess, Darwin, $10
Live set from me as Laptop Destroyer and one from Jekks too, plus DJ sets of filthy bass music. Yay!

New Weird Australia presents...
Andrew Tuttle (Bris) + Kris Keogh (Harp Show)
Fri 19th July, 10pm at Happy Yess, Darwin $15
Brisbane based experimentalist Andrew Tuttle is touring his new 4064 album, and I'm playing a live processed harp show. It's gonna be super nice.

19 June 2013
New Release on New Weird Australia.
My new track 'Stowaway' is first cab off the rank on the latest New Weird Australia compilation "Sixes and Twelves", an album exploring the outer reaches of guitar music. The comp is free!

Invert The Universe Workshop
Sat 29th June 1pm, Chan Artspace, Darwin. Free!
I'm doing a workshop as part of the #hererealnow festival, explaining the software patch Invert The Universe that I wrote and make a lot of my music with. Come on down and have a go using yourself!

Sat June 15th, Happy Yess, Darwin , 9pm, $10

9 May 2013

Back in Darwin. Megabass rolls on.
zzaapp records is getting ready for launch. Things going slower than expected cause I'm doing some production work for the Bininj Band and mixing some tracks for the second
Sietta record. More info soon... lv, k.

Megabass Vol. 31
Fri 24th May, Happy Yess, 9pm, $10
Laptop Destroyer + Stix + a special guest!

25 Jan 2013
New year. New projects:
1) zzaapp.net
2) LAPTOP DESTOYER - a beats/bass/niose collaboration with tomomi minami.
more info soon...

4 Jan 2013
Hi all. Holing up in the studio for a few months. See you soon. Working on new stuff, its got harps and beats... In the meantime there's some new DJ sets on the left to download, plus I just mixed a track for Sietta, which you can download for free here.

24 December 2012

Merry xmas! Here's a free gift!
The Megabass Colouring Book.
Download the 11-page A4 PDF here!

Enjoy, lv, k.

Fri 9 Nov - Happy Yess - Darwin
MEGABASS! 9pm $10
Kris Keogh - Live and DJ sets
Sime - Farewell set....
Guest set from STIX!
Bass music as always. Last one in Darwin for 2012! Be there!

Sat 27th October - Melbourne
Swampland MEGABASS!
8pm 170 the Avenue, Coburg, $5
Kris Keogh (live and DJ sets)
Mystery guest DJ


Saturday, October 13, FREE!!
Sly Fox (enmore), Sydney

UFO CLUB and OCTOPUS-PI present...
an evening with Kris Keogh.


Kris Keogh (2 sets)
Simo Soo's land of kitties, puppies, unicorns and rainbows
Dred Jenson
Hagbard Celine
Loz Nonsense

Live Paint
Mon 2012.8.20 10pm>late, free.
Live paint: Fumijoe X Kris Keogh
Atmophare Bar, Shinsaibashi.
, Osaka
Address: 大阪市中央区東心斎橋2-8-21日宝畳屋町会館2F 8・9

Map: http://iflyer.tv/atmosphare/

DJ Set
Wed 2012.8.22, 6pm-12am
@ Compass (ex-Sunsui), Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Shikishima bld B1F, Shinsaibashi, 1-12-20 Chuo Ward Osaka
Map here: http://www.sunsui.net/access.html
La Chatte (from Paris)
Mighty Mars
Kris Keogh

DJ Set @ Utage
2012.8.23.THU   TIME : 19:00-25:00
@ Onzieme (Live & Bar 11), Osaka
Map: http://www.onzi-eme.com/access/

PRICE : DOOR:2,000yen(w1d)(21時まで女性無料)
★Secret GUESTS from France & Australia (That's ME!)
RUNPE&YOSUKE(せかいのおと,NU) セキケンタ
THE TEEDEES(wonderland/IRO hair)
kimura(Pourton de moi)

I'm on at 9pm. Mention my name on the door and it's free entry. Crazy!
Art Show Closing Party!
Sunday 2012.8.26 7-10pm
DJ's: Shaka-Itchi, Kris Keogh
@ Excube Gallery
, Osaka - [ADDRESS]大阪市浪速区稲荷1-7-30山崎ビル2F
or in English: Address: 2F Yamazaki Bld., 1-7-30 Inari, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Map: http://www.shift.jp.org/en/archives/2010/05/excube_map.html
Art Show Opening Party!
Sat 2012.8.18 7-10pm
DJ's: Shuogo Yoshikawa   Live: Kris Keogh
@ Excube Gallery
- [ADDRESS]大阪市浪速区稲荷1-7-30山崎ビル2F
or in English: Address: 2F Yamazaki Bld., 1-7-30 Inari, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Map: http://www.shift.jp.org/en/archives/2010/05/excube_map.html

Fri 27th July, Happy Yess, 9pm, $10, 18+
Kris + Sime + Damn Moroda (Melb)

100% future bass music, guaranteed.
I'm back in Darwin, Sime has been busy in his beat lab, plus special guests Damn Moroda are escaping winter, direct from Melbourne.

In case you didn't know yet, Damn Moroda are the very rad duo of Yerok from TZU and James from Sietta.

30 May 2012
Adopt-a-Monster is go!
Click the link on the far left to check it out, i'm selling cute one-off monster portraits to keep me off the streets!

11 May 2012
Back from Wide Open Space, one of the most fun weekends around.
Just finished a mixes for Sietta, Halade and art for Kim Orchard's new album. Now, back to working on my stuff! Also made it to Darwin to record things for the next Red Plum & Snow EP. Stay tuned...

Gig Archive:

Renegade Megabass - Sat 21st July

2pm-midnight Sat 21st July, Browns Mart, Darwin
ALL AGES, $30/25
There's 25 bands playing including me (8:30pm) with a debut of my new live software, plus Red Plum and Snow (7:30pm) playing a super distorted set.
Full info here


Original Recipe Festival
Sat 16th June, Browns Mart, Darwin, 6pm, $20
9 Bands including me!

Friday 25th May 2012- Happy Yess, 9pm-1am, 18+, $7

23 Mar 2012 - Updates...
Hi, I'm back in Gove, knuckling down to make some new software which will let me make my next album. If you need to be clothed, check out my new line of 1000 monsters shirts over there to the left, all available online. Megabass continues to be awesome, I'll be flying back to Darwin to DJ the next one in a few weeks! Poster below... OK, bye, k!

Megabass - Junglist Edition!
Friday 20th April 2012- Happy Yess
Under 18s 7-9pm, Over 18's 10pm-1am!
Early May 2012
Wide Open Spaces Festival - Alice Springs
I'm dropping both a Megabass DJ set and a processed harp show.
Friday 2nd March, from 6:30pm
Red Plum & Snow (+ loads more bands)
NT Greens Fundraiser - Railway Club, Darwin.

We're on from8 till 9pm.

6pm Thursday 8th March 2012, Happy Yess Darwin, Free!
Art show!  Kris Keogh - 1000 Monsters
Kris brings Japanese artist Syougo Yoshikawa's '1000 Monsters' project to Darwin, filling Happy Yess with 1000 monster portraits!

Thursday 8th March - 8pm, 18+, by donation
Happy Yess Lecture Series
School's in, and there's a bar in the corner! Welcome to an irregular series of short lecturers on anything and everything, by anyone and everyone, the more obscure the better! Confirmed this month are Levin Diatschenko on 'Occultism 101', Gretchen Ennis on 'Feminism and Body Hair Removal' and Kris Keogh on 'Jungle Music, 1991-94: An Introduction'. Plus more to be announced. Get in touch with Happy Yess if you want to lecture as well!
Saturday 10th March 2012
MEGABASS x 2! - Happy Yess, Darwin.
All Ages 7-9pm, $5, Oldies 10pm-1am, $7
Bringing the bass back to base, after months down south, i can't wait!

Friday 16th March 2012 9pm, $10, 18+
Red Plum & Snow + June Mills
Happy Yess, Darwin
After powerful shows at the Tent Embassy in Canberra, June Mills returns to Happy Yess with her beautiful, moving songs, both personal and political. Red Plum & Snow (Gretchen Ennis & Kris Keogh) find themselves in the same city again, and get straight back to doing what they do best; playing hushed, lo-fi love songs together.

MEGABASS! - back for 2012! - Darwin.

Smith's Bookstore, 7pm.
76 Alinga Street Canberra, ACT

1.5 Hours from Sydney

DIY festival of awesome proportions! I'm Playing a Megabass DJ set (midnight Friday night) and a
twinkly live set (2am Sat morning). 30 other rad bands too!
Tickets are presale only, everything you need to know is here!
28 January - Red Rattler - Sydney
6 Faversham Street, Marrickville
It's my ace friend Sarah's birthday and she's put together a sweet gig/party!
8:30pm Magnoliacea (loops and electro)
9:00pm Blastcorp (wobble horror!)
10pm Neo amiga (epic electric hiphop )
10:30pm Press Eject (queer upbeat electro noise pop)
11:00pm Bumpers (newcastle glam rock)

31 January 2012 - fbiSocial - Sydney
Level 2 Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William St Kings Cross
Jurassic Lounge Afterparty.
Free with Jurassic Lounge ticket or $5.
I'm dropping a bass heavy DJ set! And by the way, Jurassic lounge is where the Australian Musuem has bands, DJs and art in the Musuem on Tuesday evenings in summer.
9:00-10:30     Shannon & Bridie Connellan (from FBi radio!)
10:30-12:00   Kris Keogh


4 Jan 2012
Happy new year. Made it back to Australia after Japanese and Indonesian adventures! What's next? Back into the studio, plus shows in the southern states, will keep you posted...

Megabass - I'm dropping monome DJ and circuitbent VJ sets. word.

28 October 2011
Art Show soon!
I'm having an art show in Darwin in a few weeks time!
Works made while in Gove, lots of repetitive patterns in spraypiant, poscas and lacquer.

Opening 6pm, Friday 18th November 2011
Art Warehouse, Harriet Place, Darwin City.

Playing my last gig in Darwin for the year on Thursday 17th November at Happy Yess. Red Plum & Snow are bringing out new songs (and pedals!), plus i'm playing my Chrysanthemum album live, from start to finish. See you there!

4 October 2011
GoBox Mega released today!
I've updated Reaktor's classic GoBox drum machine, adding a 64-step sequencer, plus event table sequencing and pitch variation for the beat sync modules. If this means nothing to you, don't worry, this translates to 'AWESOME DRUM MACHINE!'
Downloads are free for registered Reaktor users here.

18 September 2011
My new software Invert The Universe released today!
Invert The Universe - Real-time FX processor for beautifying incoming audio. Effect, buffer, layer and glitch source audio into lush, evolving soundscapes.

It's out now and is available free for Reaktor users here:

Super Happiness Beatbox Mayhem
I've been making an iphone app with Nyarlu Labs, coming soon to the App store...

16 July 2011  Updates
1) Processed Harp Works, Volume 1 is out now. The label have put together a little page of reviews and links here!

Megabass Vol 17. is coming up! My last one as a resident for a while. Filthy sub bass mayhem.
Event here
2) i own a harp. its gorgeous.
3) Cyclic defrost!

I've got an interview and lots of artwork in the latest issue. I got to design the cover too! Yay. Free pdf downloads here.
4) Playing Darwin festival with Red Plum & Snow and a live Processed Harp show.  Online tickets here.

May 8th 2011     Updates

OK! So heaps has been happening. Like this.
1) I bought a brand new harp. It should arrive in a couple of weeks.
2) Did the soundtrack for Bianca Spender's 2011 Australian Fashion Week catwalk show. Uploaded everything with hours to spare even! I didn't get to go tho the show...
3) Rocked the Arafura Games opening ceremony, doing beats for B2M. It was surreal, 10,000 people, the Governor General onstage as well and Icehouse missing the cues to their backing tracks.
4) iPhone beatbox nearly done...
5) Red Plum & Snow are back in action, gig Thurs 19th May.

6)Happy Yess 5th Birthday mega gig is happening soon. Red Plum & Snow and the Feedback Orchestra are playing!

March 25th 2011      New album out today! Video!

My brand new solo harp album is released today via Sydney label New Editions, part of the empire that is New Weird Australia. It’s an 11 track album; I’ve ditched the monikers and it’s under my own name. It’s beautiful, glitched, melancholy future noise music.

It’s available to download right now for free/pay what you want. Yep, there’s no reason not to go and get it right now, and if you like it, feel free to keep me off the streets!

Download from here:


There is also a limited edition hand-made CD version. If you want that, send me an email and i can do some post office action, old school style.


My pal Ally Richmond made a clip for one of my new harp tracks. Check it out here:

9 Feb 2010
March = Tour time!


Thurs 10 March - Sydney - Wormwood  @ The Loft 13 Broadway, Ultimo

6pm-1am, free!



Saturday 19th March - Melbourne - The Builders Arms

Doors 8:30pm, $6, 211 Gertrude St, Fitzroy




Harp + Monome Joyfest!

Kris Keogh (ex-Blastcorp) arrives from Arnhem Land armed with a Monome to launch his new processed harp album, out now on Sydney’s New Editions. Genevieve & Jezebel drop by with a set of gorgeous, hushed indie harp goodness, and Clue To Kalo sneaks out from recording his new album to play some exclusive new songs. Sweet.


Friday 25th March - Newcastle  - Vox Cyclops - 515 Hunter St, 6pm , all ages, entry by donation.



Sunday  27th March – Brisbane – The Disembraining Machine

 7pm-10pm, Tidy@Alchemix 29 Logan Rd. Woolongabba, FREE

Kris Keogh (NT)

Yuko Kono (Japan)
singer, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader for wonderful Tokyo psychedelic folk group My Pal Foot Foot (named after the famous Shaggs song)

BLIP; Mike Majkowski & Jim Denley (Sydney)

RITES WILD (Adelaide)


Saturday 9th April - Darwin -  Happy Yess, 9pm $5, $20 with CD.
Kris Keogh
Album Launch! + special guests Sietta
Dropping the new album live.


gig archive:

More to come...

Friday 25th Feb 2011- Darwin, Happy Yess, 10pm $5, 18+
Kris Keogh + Paul Heslin (Melb) + Broaden City

Megabass - Fri 18 Feb - Darwin  Happy Yess $5, 10pm, 18+ The dubstep mayhem continues. Dj's kris, sime and specaial guest simko.
you know.

5 Jan 2011

Happy New Year!
After a few months of hibernation in Nhulunbuy, i'm proud to announce that i've got two projects well on the go:

1. Kris Keogh - Processed Harp Works, Volume 1
My first release under my own name is very nearly completed and will be released by New Editions next month. There's a track to preview up on my Myspace page, here. It's called 27 11, you'll need to scroll to find it since myspace is so lame.

I'm touring Australia to support the release in March 2011, dates announced soon. 
The album is future style electronic art music, with all the source sounds coming from me playing the harp.

2. Super Happiness Beatbox Mayhem
My first foray into iPhone app development is well underway, and an early version will be exhibited in 'genart_sys' in Sydney, a new media art show curated by the Australia Council.
Screenshot below, the official release is still a few months off though...

Archived Gigs:

Red Plum & Snow Cake and Lazer Show!
1 October 2010, 8pm, $20/15
Darwin Entertainment Centre

Official hype: Kris Keogh and Gretchen Ennis launch their debut full-length album with a full sensory art explosion! Half future technology, half backyard homeliness, Red Plum & Snow present a live music performance controlling projections, real-time video, lighting and lazers! Produced in collaboration with Richard Allen (Future Art Research - Melbourne)
Plus cakes!

The deal: We've hooked up with an awesome tech wizard in Melbourne who helping us to get technology and stuff to obey sound. Were blowing up 6 massive weather balloons inside the entertainment centre and projecting/shooting stuff all round them with sound as we play and release our brand new album.
And there's delicious cakes.

Red Plum & Snow Cake and Lazer Workshop
 2 October 2010, 1pm, Free
Happy Yess
The band plus Richard Allen are presenting a workshop on the technology used in the show. If you ever wanted to get a heads up on controlling or processing audio, video or lighting in real time, this one is not to miss.

Megabass Vol.7
Friday 24th September 2010
9pm, $5 @ Happy Yess

dubstep mayhem. sub-audio assault. quad sub sound system, biggest yet.
...kris (monome set, last one for this year...)
sime (prime heavyweight wobble)
anto (its his 21st)

get this, anto insists its free entry with a fake beard!?
whatever, bring the bizarre.


red plum & snow + celador + stegapussy
Sat 4th September, 9pm, $5
Happy Yess

a triple bill of underground darwin guitar bands.
red plum & snow - kris and gretchen play super soft songs processed into other worlds.
celador - the new project of ruben maher (fairweather dolls, the weathermen). extreme sludge drone happiness.
stegapussy - new project from finn willians (moses) and gang. epic, instrumental post rock goodness.

Silent Disco
Glass Corpse vs Miss Sparkles DJ sets
Thursday 19th August, 10:30pm, $10
Civic Park, Darwin City

Doing a head to head 2 DJ set with Deb, AKA miss sparkles. I'm playing filthy dubstep, she's playing 50-60s lounge music... $10 to hire headphones, no PA...


Megabass Vol.6
Fri 30th July, 9-1am, $5

Happy Yess, 12 Smith st
Dj's: Kris, Sime and Mangohig.

Dub Night
Thursday 22 July 9pm, $5
Happy Yess, 12 Smith Street, Darwin.

Live: Black Bunny Sound System with Simmo on dubs
plus Dj's Kris and Reggae Phil

Fri 23rd July 2010
Harney Beach, near Mandorah

Theres a 3 day beach party/rave/something at harney beach and Sime and I are dropping the Megabass dubstep action on the Friday night. bring a swag, sleep over. get in touch for more info.

Submerged #10
Sat 10th July, Old Hrvatski Club, Cairns

I'm playing a live monome set.

Arahmaiani (Indonesia), post (Syd), tako seijin (Sam Tupou), Zane Saunders, Unstrumenta Orchestra, Shannon O'Neill (syd), ReelDance – Australian & New Zealand Awards 2010, John Von Sturmer (Syd), Kris Keogh (Dar), Font featuring Tweak Bakini, Hanzard and lots more.
  • Sat 10th July
  • Old Hrvatski Klub Artspace, 240 Scott St
  • Doors 6.00pm, Show 7.00pm
  • Check web for full program/times.
  • Tickets: $10/ 7 at the door.

Megabass Vol.5
Fri 25th June, 9pm, $5

At the new Happy Yess, Browns Mart, City.
it keeps getting bigger. dubstep mayhem. im DJing.


Smith St West - Kris Keogh, Colin Holt & Ginger Albers  - Art Show
25 june 2010 - Happy Yess

Its finally happening. Opening 6pm , free, kid friendly.

On Edge Festival Opening Party
Sat July 3, MOFO Gallery, Cairns

Kris DJ set and heaps more.

Rocksteady Dance Party
Thurs June 10. Free before 9pm, $5 after 9pm

at Happy Yess, Bennett St
8-9pm Climate Change YouTube Party
9-12 - Rocksteady. Djs Kris , Reggae Phil and special guest.

Monkeymarc (vic) + Kris
Opening of the new Happy Yess, 12 smith street.
thurs 17th June, 9pm, $5

im doing a DJ set, monkey is playing live.
Megabass Vol.4 and 4.1!!!
Fri/Sat 29th May, 9pm, $5

Happy Yess - Darwin
Dj's Kris, Clipper and Shmaltz (direct from Antacrtica, no less)
filthy bass, nasty dubstep and more.
subsonic attack.
Extended to be over 2 nights, Friday and Saturday!!! awesome.


Kris - DJ Set
Sat 29th June
, late!
Beach Party
Buffalo Creek, end of lee point road.
im on at 2am. you will be devoured by mosquitoes.

Get Ready, Rocksteady!

Thursday 20th May, 9pm-12am, $5
Vintage rocksteady, ska, roots and dub, courtesy of myself and Mr. Phil Brennan. That's Reggae Phil.
Will be awesome.


Kris Keogh
Territory Time / Sleepover!

15- 30 May 2010 - Melbourne - Art Show and Sound Installation
Next Wave Festival

Sleepover - An Overnight Sound Performance. 9pm-6am Sat 15 May

Sleepover is a 10-hour musical lullaby designed to be experienced while drifting in and out of sleep. The audience bring their pillows, sleeping bags, teddy bears and sweets, spending a night sleeping over in the gallery while the work is performed.

 Keogh creates dream-like audio environments in real time by generating and processing sounds from musical toys and household items, using a handmade Monome controller and his own custom audio processing software.

Megabass Vol.3
Friday 30th April, 9pm, $5

Happy Yess - Darwin
Dj's Kris, Clipper and special guest.
Beats and bass and bass.


To The End Of The Earth
Kris Keogh and Robert Curgenven

16 April 2010 - Darwin Entertainment Centre

8pm $15
Rob will be playing stuff from his new album, released in Europe on 12K earlier this year. I will be playing a solo harp show, some au naturale, some processed.

MegaBass! Vol.2- Future Bass Music
Friday 26th March 2010 - Happy Yess

Last friday of every month is megabass.
dj: glass corpse, clipper, lady grey.
Extra subs hired. Subsonic mayhem coning up!

Red Plum & Snow - CD Launch
Friday 12th March 2010 - Happy Yess

Gretchen and I have made a new EP called 'Small Songs', fragile little songs with some fairly heavy processing, arty and tuneful in equal parts!
There's 5 tracks, including a very warped remake of "I Would Die 4 U' by Prince!

Launch night:
We play plus a very special guest,  June Mills and a Super 8 film screening by Rod Balaam.
Gretchen is also making cakes and sweets for the night. I am happy about that.


MegaBass! - Dubstep, Jungle, Breakbeat Night
Friday 26th Feb 2010 - Happy Yess

I've started a monthly DJ night at Happy Yess, playing futuristic bass music: Dubstep, Wonky, Breaks plus some classic Jungle and Ragga for good measure.
Joining me is Clipper (aka Simon White) and monthly guests.
We havent DJ'd together since the early days of Kongo, (he's been DJing and bombing Melbourne for a decade) so it's lovely to hang out again.
Megabass! is the last Friday of every month, starting this month on February 26th. We even hire more subs for the PA to make sure its properly bass heavy. Come feel it!

Kris  - DJ Set
The Deadshits
2 Cats 1 Hat

Sat 16 Jan 2010 - Railway Club Parap, 8pm
Jez and Lauren are packing up and leaving. Come and party. (Not because they are leaving though!)
The Deadshits is me, holty, rod and simmo. Scungy rock.

Fri Dec 4 - Darwin - Live
Crassic Park Album Launch
Brown's Mart
All Ages
$10, 7pm

Crassic Park
Zed Major

Fri Nov 20 - Darwin - Live
Prince Tribute Night

and heaps more.
stay tuned...

Sat Nov 14 - Darwin - Art Show
Offcuts - Don Whyte Framing
Travers St, Coconut Grove
Annual group show of pretty much everyone making art in Darwin.
Come check it before the gig below...

Sat Nov 14 - Darwin  - Live and DJ set!
Happy Yess
5 Bennett St, Darwin
9pm-1am $5
Live + DJ: Blastcorp
DJ's: Schmaltz

Bass heavy beats night. I'm dropping my new nasty minimal beats set, Shmaltz is back from Austria with a crateload of new d'n'b and dubstep plus Summertime (aka Sime - original Kongo crew member) has the breaks and dancehall action.

Saturday Oct 24 2009- Melbourne - Live

Essence - Installed Art in Pipemakers Park
Maribyrnong (Melway ref: 28 B10), Melbourne
Cost: Costumed=Free, Not Bothering=$8
Funraiser for F.uture A.rts R.esearch

Facebook event link here

Art Installation Event with Live Electronica. Featuring work from Lalalullaby. Kris Keogh. Robin Fox. Severin Seiben. Pete Strong. Georgia Snowball. Shami Kiely. Minna Graham. Wayne King. Paul Irving. Anthony Sawrey. Bargeman. Narinda Cook. Emil Egg.

I'm playing a Blastcorp set with a MIDI controlled 2 metre high swinging egg called Lala, lovingly installed in a giant pyramid and made by Pippa and Richie. This will be something else, i promise. And Robin Fox is playing. If you don't know about him yet, find out quick! He uses lasers. Awesome.

Here's a sneak previow of Lala. Swinging sends MIDI data, which i will get to turn into sound!


Fri. Oct 23 2009 - Melbourne -  Live
I.n0jaQ Solo Exhibition!!
Cut it up...<Flog it>
at Discobeans (japanese sock shop!)
238 High St, Northcote

Cut it Party(opening)

Friday 16 Oct 2009- Melbourne - Art Show Opening and Live!

Discobeans - 238 High St, Northcote

My first solo art show in Melbourne!
Not only that, live action with:
Blastcorp, Ai Yamamoto, Talkshowboy and James Goes To Sydney

Discobeans was Osaka’s original no-rules crazy art breakcore anything-goes space. It’s relocated to Melbourne and continues the tradition of bringing crazy shit to people who care.


Sunday Oct 11 2009- Sydney - Live
Sunday Wreckovery
The Excelsior Hotel, Foveaux St, Surry Hills
4-9pm, $10
(im on from 6-7pm)

Random Acts

Telefonica DJ's
DJ Tigerlilly

Presented by Clan Analogue.


Thursday 1 Oct 2009 - Newcastle - Art Show
Art Opening! @ Upcycling
Shop 2, Silk House, 200 Hunter St, Newcastle

(its in the Mall opposite David Jones!)
6pm, Free!
Kris Keogh + David Collins - Decks
An exhibition of hand painted recycled skateboards decks. Chuan to drop a DJ set. Will be fun.

Facebook event link here

Friday 2 October - Newcastle - Panel
2pm-4pm, Free
Venue: TPI Auditorium, Ground Floor, 231 King St, Newcastle
Creative Communities
I'm talking about organising artists and musicians to make cool stuff happen, Happy Yess style.
Saturday 3 October - Newcastle - Live
12pm-2pm, Free
Crack Theatre presents...Goofbang E-Zine Luanch
at the Crack House - PAN Building, 5 Auckland St, Newcastle
Blastcorp live plus heaps more.
I did the artwork for the zine, have a song and 2 videos in there too for you. Come and grab a copy!

Sunday 4 Oct 2009- Newcastle - Monome Workshop
3:30-5pm, Free.
TAFE Sheds: 590-608 Hunter Street
Know Your Gadgets

Facilitator: Andrew Tuttle (Peer Pressure, Anonymeye)
Panelists: Kris Keogh (Blastcorp),
Alex Yabsley (Dot.AY),
Cornel Wilczek (Qua),
Tim Shiel (Faux Pas)

Know Your Gadgets explores the endless possibilities of all that blips and bobs, with interactive demonstrations of innovative approaches to producing, composing and performing electronic music. Getting your nerd on has never looked and sounded so damn cool.

Sunday Oct 4 2009- Newcastle - Live
3pm-11:30pm, I'm on at 7:30pm SHARP!!, Free.
TINA Festival Club - Masons, 102 King St, Newcastle
New Weird Australia

In borrowing terminology, NWA shrinks the notion of distance between genre, taste, Australia’s own vastness and the world. Neither popular nor alternative, one genre nor another, NWA represents a new breed that find refuge in the space between us, played out in realtime around a renewed Newcastle.
Feat: Holy Balm, Gugg (Vic), kyü, Moonmilk, Castings, Alps, smRts (WA), Blastcorp (NT), Brutal Hate Mosh (Qld), Go Genre Everything, Lucia Draft,  Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts.

Thursday 11th June 2009 - Darwin
Art Opening - Lisence To Confuse
Kris Keogh and Sam Tupou
Happy Yess
5 Bennett St, Darwin City.
LIVE music galore too!
This show is collaborative works made over a week while Kris was visiting Cairns.

Sat 25th Apr 2009 - Cairns
Crate59 Gallery
59 Sheridan St, Cairns

line up:
Blastcorp (live monome set),
Diverse Dance,
Font, e.d.,
Cassidy Maeir,
Return Return v’s File_Error

Fri 24th Apr 2009 - Cairns
GreenAnt Cantina
183 Bunda St, Cairns

Blastcorp (DJ Set)
DJ No_Request

Thursday 23rd April 2009 - Cairns
Art Opening - Alumini

New Artworks by Kris Keogh and Samuel Tupou
Mofo Gallery
70 McLeod St, Cairns

Friday 20th March 2009 - Darwin
Bsss Concussion
DJ's: Blastcorp, Schmaltz
9pm, $5
Happy Yess, 5 Bennett St

Sunday 8th March 2009 - Adelaide
Red Plum and Snow live!
The Wheatsheaf Hotel
7pm, $5
Triple CD launch
Red Plum and Snow, Country Town Collective and Greedy Stout.

Thursday 5th March 2009 - Adelaide
Red Plum and Snow live!
The Wheatsheaf Hotel
7pm, $5
with a bunch of Darwin bands


Wednesday 4th March 2009 - Adelaide
Blastcorp Live!
The Wheatsheaf Hotel
7pm, $5 entry.
Guitar, laptop, monome set.

Saturday 14th February 2009 - Darwin
Darwin Entertainment Centre
Blastcorp, Red Plum & Snow, Cooperblck Live
$15/13 - 8pm

Friday 27th February 2009 - Darwin
Red Plum and Snow live
Happy Yess, Darwin
w/ Genevieve Graves and Semishigure
$5,  9pm

Thursday 11th December 2008 - Darwin
Kris Keogh - Art Exhibition Opening - Darwin
Happy Yess, 5 Bennett St, Darwin.
6pm-midnight, Free entry
Art for sale (nice christmas presents!) plus:
The Bionic Hearts (live)
Shmaltz (DJ)
My second solo art exhibtion, and my first one in australia!
Paintings done over the last few months in Osaka and Darwin.
Bonus entertainment from the amazing Bionic Hearts and minimal beats courtesy of the master, Shmaltz.

Saturday 13th December 2008 - Darwin
Blastcorp + Genevieve Graves + The Feedback Orchestra
Happy Yess, 5 Bennett St
$5, 9pm-1am
The last night of Happy Yess for 08 and a lovely way to return home. Playing my new blastcorp stuff (on the monome!), plus a sonic onslaught of guitar mayhem and darwin’s (if not the world’s) sweetest singer-songwriter, genevieve graves.

Friday 7th November 2008 - Osaka, Japan
Kris Keogh - Art Exhibition Opening
Taisho Perori
Sangenya 1-13-7 Taisho-ku OSAKA
Friday 7th November 2008, 7pm-midnight
Free Entry
Live: blastcorp DJ;s Shaka-Itchi, Bangin
Live painting: Kris and Fumi

Saturday 30th November 2008 - Osaka, Japan
Exhibition Closing Party
Taisho Perori
Sangenya 1-13-7 Taisho-ku OSAKA
Saturday 30th November 2008, 7pm-midnight
Live: Blastcorp
Live Paint: Kris. Completeing my mural on the wall in the gallery!

Sunday 19th October 2008 - Osaka, Japan
Aoyama Harp School - Autumn Recital
International House, Osaka
2-6 Uehommachi 8-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
財団法人 大阪国際交流センター 〒543-0001 大阪市天王寺区上本町8-2-6
Sunday 19th October 2008, 1pm.
Free Entry
I’m playing an Aphex Twin song I transcibed for harp. My first proper harp show. About 15 other performers, harp frenzy!

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