Interested in the Staggerwing?

The Staggerwing Club is an organization for individuals interested in the venerable Beech Model 17. The club provides access to Staggerwing related information, events, and to others with an interest in the aircraft.

The Staggerwing Club publishes a quarterly magazine, Staggerwing Club News, that features news, events, historical and technical articles, member features and much more.

The Club welcomes everyone, as interest in the Staggerwing, not ownership, is the only membership requirement.

The Staggerwing Club's annual
United States membership fee is $40.00. Annual international memberships are $50.00. To join us send your name, address, and a check to:

The Staggerwing Club
10741 S. 25th E.
Idaho Falls, ID 83406

Or, use the Paypal links below. Please email your address to Thomas Hoff at once you have completed your Paypal order.

Join the Club!

Join the club!