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Please can you help us advertise?

Hard copy posters are always shared before the concerts. Can you put them up somewhere? Your work, a community centre, pass it on to a friend, a church, a newsagent, a supermarket, or a music shop?
If you would ever prefer an electronic version of the poster, please ask a member of the Committee.

On our Facebook page we regular share information, for fun and for advertising. Please could you 'Like' the post and preferably SHARE it. You can find us here:

We have been tweeting about if from our Twitter account @staffordorch which we post to similarly to above. It would be great if you could retweet for us. You can find us here:

Other ways you could help:
If you know a Facebook page that deals with community information that you think would be useful you could send our information or poster to them or inform the Committee and we can do this.

And of course there is the traditional and effective Telling people all about it, thing too!  :-)

Thanks as always.