Coaching Program

Private Lessons

The Professional Team at the Club is a major component of its success. With many years of international play and coaching between them, they have developed into a powerfully competitive team of coaches, able to develop total beginners, world class players and all those in between.

A strong junior program continues to grow at the Club. The combination of a friendly, fun environment with the skills and progressive attitudes of the Pros has ensured an excellent coaching facility. Many juniors travel here from far and wide to improve their games. The coaches work on all aspects of the game to produce well rounded players.

We encourage you to come to the club, meet the coaches, and observe some of the lessons, squads, and camps in progress. We are confident you won't be disappointed!


The schedule for clinics can be found on the Calendar page.

It's also displayed on our seasonal schedule which is available as a PDF for easy printing and posting in a handy spot.

(... like the front of the fridge.)

Adult Clinics

Adult clinics are a great way to not only improve your game, but you can also meet other players of a similar ability level.

Please sign up in advance for any clinics you wish to particiapte in by either calling or emailing us at the club.

Junior Clinics

Junior clinics provide an opportunity to play with players from other schools in the area. Enrollment isn't limited to CHA and Springside. Clinics are held year round but with slightly different schedules in each season. Usually, you may pay as you go, or for the full semester.

Please sign up in advance for any clinics you wish to particiapte in by either calling or emailing us at the club.

Clinics are usually suspended over holiday periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

We offer Holiday Camps in their place throughout these periods. 



Holiday Camps are offered during the school year. 

Morning Sessions:    10am - 12pm for younger beginners.

Afternoon Sessions:   2pm - 4pm for older intermediate and advanced players.

Squash camps are a great way to improve your game when you are serious about getting better.

We have lots of exciting new camps and trips that we offer and we've tried to include something for everyone. 

Keep checking the website for upcoming camps and details!


International Camps

Those who are willing to travel can experience some of the finest squash camps in the world.

South African Tour


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