Welcome from The Splinter Band

Dick, Pete and Reece
The Splinter Band

Hi, we are a three piece band playing in the Hunter Region of NSW Australia. We play because we enjoy it! It's a good way for a bunch of like minded blokes to get together. All of us have something in common we have all been performing on stage for years and that gives us a special bond

Dick was a founding member of Newcastle's longest playing and infamous bands "Nodes Levity" and he worked with them for over 20 years.

Whilst Pete was a founding member of "Blast from the Past" a band that enjoyed good success throughout the 1990's

Reece is second generation musician that has been playing with many different acts over the years. He brings a depth of musical knowledge and experience to the band. He is a highly regarded mandolin player which is rare in these times.

We play a bunch of songs (Song List) we enjoy, we play at a bunch of venues (Dates) we enjoy and we have a great time doing it

So if you have nothing better to do tonight and you are a bit bored then come and see The Splinter Band wherever we are playing. You can contact us at newcastlesplinter@gmail.com to be placed on our mailing list for up coming dates or ask us a question.

Great news we are now booking new shows for 2013. So if you have a venue and are looking for a band to keep it moving or are having a party in the greater Newcastle area drop us a line at newcastlesplinter@gmail.com

You'll be surprised how much fun you'll have!

See you there.


The Splinter Band