Velas ( candle workings )

Protection Against Natural Disasters
Considering all of the tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and everything else going on in this hectic world, here is a specially prepared candle to give that little extra push of protection.  Everybody needs protection!  From yourself, others AND natural disasters.  Each candle is hand crafted ( images and what not ), loaded with herbs, oils and stones.  All to bring in a little more protection.  
$6.00 each
Dctr.  House's Peaceful Home Seven Day Candle
Filled with herbs and oils, blessed and charged to bring peace into the home.  Smells WONDERFUL! 
$6.00 each


Gypsy Reversible Candle
Loaded with potent herbs, oils and Gypsy graveyard dirt.
Used to reverse any negative magick, uncrossing yourself, warding off the evil eye.
$6.00 Each