Tarot Readings

Questions concerning love, health, jobs?  For a reading I ask my clients that aren't with me to send me a candle that you have passed over your body ( in a downward motion ).  Next press your thumb nail into the candle to make it your own.  The candle can be a small tea light, or a small peony candle.  Write your full name and date of birth on a piece of paper and include it with your candle.  You can contact me on mailing the candle.  Each reading I use the celtic cross spread and the reading lasts however long you like.  * The candle is NOT necessary *  I have also added the Past, Present and Future spread and a one card reading.  You can choose from the drop down menu.
I am very in depth and detailed with my readings, so please have at LEAST an hour and a half.
$35.00 Full Celtic Cross Spread
$10.00 Past, Present, Future Spread
$5.00 One Card Spread ( one card usually leads to quite a few more )