Each Rosary is strung by me, blessed and charged.  Each one is unique!  I use the finest of beads and religious medals.  Custom rosaries are welcome!  Just let me know what you'd like.  They take a little more time so please be patient if you are waiting on a custom order.  Thank you and Blessings :-)

Divine Child of Atocha Pocket Rosary
Strung with black glass beads and pearls.  A religious medal of the infant of Atocha attached at the bottom
$5.00 each

Our Holy Mother Pocket Rosary 
Strung with white glass beads and a very earth toned, brown glass bead spacers.  Attached is a religious medal of Our Holy Mother.  Ave Maria !
$5.00 each

Witch's Rosario!  
strung with natural wooden beads, white glass bead spacers, brown wooden beads and a silver pentacle!  A very large rosario.  17 inches in length.
Blessed and charged with blessing oil.
$15.00 each

La Santisima Muerte Rosario!  
Strung with a light brown wooden beads, white pearl bead spacers, glass purple beads and a gold crucifix.  Each one is prayed over, blessed and charged by La Santisima Muerte and myself.  Given as an offering to her ( she loves rosarios ) or to wear in honor of her!  The La Santisima Muerte Rosario Prayer is included!
17 inches in length 
Custom orders are always welcome!
$15.00 each

Ancestor Rosario
Strung with white, black, purple and pearl beads.  Perfect for your Ancestor Altar or as a gift for yourself!  Blessed, prayed over and charged with the help of God and The Ancestors.  A golden cross with black inlay dangles from the bottom.  These are not pocket rosarios.  They're quite a bit longer than my pocket sized ones.  
16 inches in length
$10.00 each

La Sirene, Queen of The Sea Rosario! 
Strung with baby blue and white pearl glass beads.  A perfect gift for La Sirene or to wear in honor of The Mother of All.  A medium sized, glass fish charm hangs from the bottom.  ( quite a heavy piece )
Blessed, Prayed over and charged with the help of God and La Sirene.  
16 inches in length.
$10.00 each

Papa Baron Rosarie
This is an extra long rosary.  Can be hung over the bed or double wrapped around your neck, or as an offering to Papa baron!  Also for use and wear in honoring Baron.  Strung with white pearl beads, black glass beads, Amethyst beads and a gold, lack inlay cross.  This is a huge one!  Blessed and charged by me with the help of Papa Baron.  Fantastic piece!  Hanging the rosario over your bed confers protection.
38 inches in length 
Custom ones are always welcome!
$20.00 each

Erzulie Dantor Rosary
A rosary made in honor of Erzulie Dantor ( honor to her ).  This rosary is strung with golden yellow glass beads, Navy blue glass beads,  Deep red glass beads and a gold cross.  Blessed and charged by me and with the help of my mother Dantor.  A perfect addition for her altar or just to wear in honor of her, on her day.  Dantor confers wealth, money, protection and magickal abilities.
Custom ones can be made! :-)
$10.00 each

Large Black Cross La Santisima Muerte Rosario 
Strung with all natural wooden beads, white and red beads, purple amethyst spacers.  A small, red crystal pendant hangs in the detailed picture.  Very large cross with black and red crystals.  Proper prayers and blessings are given to La Santisima Muerte.  Each rosario comes with the Santisima Muerte Rosario Prayer.  
21 1/2 inches in length
$35.00 each

This rosary is strung with white glass beads, dark brown wooden beads, amber beads and a silver crucifix.  This is just a regular, everyday rosary.  Blessed and charged by me.  
18 1/2 inches in length 
$10.00 each