Magickal Packets

ere you will find a large variety of Magickal Packets or Wangas ( kreyole word for " spell " or " pwen " .  A point of power. All these packets are created by me, charged and blessed, baptized and named, activated and brought to life.  I use the finest of materials I can find, organic, high quality herbs, oils, resins, powders, stones, amulets, threads, feathers, sequins.  Each packet has a very particular intent put into them.  I make these with the help of God above all and The Ancestors.  These can be put on your main Ancestral Altar or anywhere you feel fit!  Instructions on keeping your packet going is included with each one.  Smoking and breathing on a packet is one way to keep them active.  These must be taken care of, they are gentle.  Treat them with care and love.  

Dctr.  House's Better Business, Steady work and Quick Money Packet 
This packet is specifically designed to; clear away and open your path from all negativity, rapidly bring in money, customers and better your business.  Inside contains the finest of herbs and 100% authentic essential oils.  Each packet comes with instructions.
$10.00 Each