Lotions and Potions

Here you will find all organic and natural lotions and potions.  I use organic Cocoa Butter as my base for all my lotions.  Each one charged and blessed with the help of The Ancestors.  Take a look around.  Don't see something you like or want?  Custom orders are always welcome!  

Quick Money Lotion
This lotion is formulated to quickly attract money to oneself.  Made with 100% organic Cocoa Butter and other amazing skin moisturizers.  It can be taken with you, on the go or for use at home.  The smell is delicious!
3 oz bottles 
$10.00 each

Dctr.  House's Banishing Potion. 
Made with very potent herbs, oils, liquids, Psalm 91: 1, 2 written on sugar cane and bamboo paper ( it will dissolve ).  This is my very own personal blend, one which I will not share the recipe.  It's strong, it's potent and it works.  Use to sprinkle the corners of your house, door knobs, sprinkle in front of your doors.  A small drop can be added to the bath water.  This potion is specifically designed to banish any unwanted, negative energies, clear the air after arguments, banish lower, lesser entities and so much more!  The formula will not and cannot be changed, nor the prayers or way it was prepared.  Each bottle is corked and sealed with wax.  Each bottle comes with a tag explaining the potion and a tied on pentacle.
$15.00 Each

Dctr.  House's Peace Potion
Made with very potent herbs, tinctures, essential oils, resins, peaceful prayer on the inside ( written on sugar cane and bamboo paper ).  A medal of Jesus, and a Prayer for Peace is tied and wrapped around the top of the bottle.  This is a wonderful potion, it smells delicious!  Use this for bringing peace to your home.  Sprinkle a little bit in the corners of your house, dab your door knobs, add a TINY bit to your bath water.  Sprinkle your pillow for peaceful dreams.  This is a very potent potion.  You can also put a small amount in a spray bottle and dilute this.  A little bit goes a LONG way.  This mixture is specifically designed to bring peace.  The recipe cannot be shared or altered in anyway, or it will not work.  Each bottle comes corked and sealed with wax.  Instructions come with each bottle and tips for use.  Made on Blessed Friday.  Holy waters are also used as well.
$15.00 Each