La Santisima Muerte

Here you will find many items for La Santisima Muerte, who is very dear to my heart.  I've been working with her for quite some time and I will say that her work is amazing.  I couldn't be more grateful to have been acquainted with this wonderful woman and mother of all.  The main thing here is this.  I make incense, prepared candles, amuletos, petitions and oils under the patronage of Santa Muerte for you, the client.  Don't come looking for death spells, because I won't go as far as to perform a death spell.  La Santisima Muerte can be asked for just about anything.  She is death!  So below I will list a few of the things I am going to be selling that I make and do with Santa Muerte.

La Santisima Muerte Amuletos: 
 $10.00 each
Each amuleto is made out of the finest clay I can possibly find.  Filled inside of the globe is some of her secretos ( secrets ) .  Which would be herbs, oils... ( you get the idea )  They are hand painted, glazed and empowered by La Santisima Muerte for her blessings, luck, healing, and protection.  As you see you can string this amuleto on a necklace, you can hang it in your car.  You can do just about anything you want with them.  I suggest keeping them close to your person.  Each one does come with a set of prayers to La Santisima Muerte.  If you'd like one custom made for you, please feel free to contact me.
La Santisima Muerte Healing Box  
$15.00 each

Each box is hand crafted out of the finest materials available to me.  This type of box is used for healing.  Just place a person's full name inside, or a picture and Santa Muerte will be sure to help.  Each box comes with instructions as well.

Santisima Muerte Controlling Oil
Santisima Muerte Employment Oil

Santisima Muerte Incense 
Santisima Muerte Invoking Powder

Santisima Muerte Love drawing Powder

Santisima Muerte oil lamps for all your needs

La Santisima Muerte Cleansing Bath

La Santisima Muerte Altar Oil
For dressing and fixing all offertory candles
Know of someon
e that is need of healing?  Are you in need of healing?  Healing of any kind!  Just give me your full name and DOB and it will go inside of Santisima Muerte's healing box! 

                                                                                                 ( Blessing, proper care
                                                                                                       and ritual construction of a bottle )

La Santisima Muerte Money Bottle
filled with money herbs and other favorites of Santisima Muerte 
Comes with a small money drawing incense/powder charm
La Santisima Muerte Pendulum

La Santisima Muerte Love bottle!
Glass bottle stands about 5 1/2 inches tall
Highly decorated in honor of our mother, for love.
The inside is filled with all sorts of love herbs, oils, secretos, charms!
$20.00 each
"La Santisima Muerte Steady Flow of Money Bottles"
These bottles are created WITH La Santisima Muerte.  Inside contains herbs, sacred gems, oils, money, and other special things that are favorites of our Mother.  The Bottle is specifically designed to keep a steady flow of cash in your home.  Instructions on freshening your bottle up come with and a La Santisima Muerte Milagro.  
Measures 5 1/2 inches tall and quite heavy.
$20.00 Each.

La Santisima Muerte Seven Day Candles
( White is all I have in stock for the time being )
$5.00 each
Silver / Black glittered La Santisima Muerte Amuletos!  
$10.00 each
La Santisima Muerte Amuletos.
Each one hand crafted from clay, wood, glass beads and sequins.  On the back side of each amuleto milagros and herbs are securely put in place.  A very powerful amuleto to carry with you or as an offering or piece for your altar.  We have; La Negra, La Blanca, and La Rojo amuletos.  Propers prayers and blessings for each one, on the altar of La Santisima Muerte.  Each amuleto comes with a sheet of instructions on use and gives further meaning behind the colors, herbs and milagros.  These are the traditional colors of La Santisima Muerte.
$10.00 Each

La Santisima Muerte Peaceful Home and Home Stability Amuleto 
Each amuleto is crafted from clay, glazed faces.  Dark brown Mala beads, silk, red string, glass red beads and white pearl beads.  Mounted on a circular rock, filled with herb, a hematite stone and other Milagros.  This amuleto is designed to specifically bring peace into your home, love and also stability as well as harmonizing your family and home life.  Who doesn't need these qualities in there home?  Proper prayers and blessings on the altar of La Santisima Muerte.  Each amuleto comes with a sheet of instructions on caring for your amuleto and some tips.  
$10.00 Each

Donations To The Temple Of La Santisima Muerte are always welcome