My own personal blends of incense are now up and available for sale!  All the incense I make are blessed and empowered with the direct help of my Ancestors ( for that extra energy ).  As of now I am only blending together loose incense.  Here is a list of the current incense.  
*  Love
*  Health
*  Money
*  Employment 
*  Controlling 
*  Blessing
*  Clearance 
*  Divination 
*  Santisima Muerte 
*  Peaceful Home
*  Aphrodisiac 
If you do not see a type of incense you'd like I can surely mix it up for you!  
The incense comes in half ounces.  $5.00 each

*New* Exorcism incense/powder !
1/2 oz.  $7.00
Dctr.  House's Beltane Incense Blend 

Dctr.  House's Midsummer Incense Blend 

Mexican Magick Incense Blend 

Zodiac Incense Blends.
Each zodiac incense is blended with 100% organic herbs, 100% authentic essential oils and fragrance oils.  Burn a small amount on a charcoal disk ( or in a fire safe bowl ) to improve the positive signs of your zodiac!  Please pick from the drop down menu.  
1/2 oz bags
$5.00 Each

More to come!  Aries, Sagittarius and Virgo are what I have in stock at the moment.

Hekate Incense 
Made from the finest of herbs, 100% authentic essential oils.  Burn on a small charcoal disk or in a fire safe dish to invoke the vibrations of Hekate.  
1/2 oz bags
$5.00 Each

*Caution* While burning this OPEN WINDOWS!  Do NOT inhale the smoke.

When ordering please specify which incense you would like :-)