Manrubio ( Horehound ) 
1/4 Oz.

Hoja Santa ( Sacred Pepper)
1/4 Oz.

Valeriana ( Valerian Root whole )
1/2 Oz.

Queen of Hungary Herb Mix
Legend has it that this recipe was formulated by early gypsies.  They called it a " cure all ".  It was used as a face astringent, right before moisturizing the face, a mouth wash, a great hair rinse for dark hair ( NO BLONDES! ).  After you've made the actual infusion you can put it on a cotton ball and use on your eyes, great for sun burns, acne, a body spritz.  Instructions do come with this mixture.  Such a wonderful smelling mixture too.
11.8 Grams in each bag
$8.00 Each